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San Pedro Drops from Direct Promotion after Crushing Defeat in Martos (3-0) – Unbelievable Turn of Events

April 5, 2024
San Pedro Drops from Direct Promotion after Crushing Defeat in Martos (3-0) - Unbelievable Turn of Events - mini1 1711358887 - Local Events and Festivities -

San Pedro Suffers Defeat in Martos

UD San Pedro experienced a crushing defeat during their visit to Martos, resulting in their exit from the direct promotion positions. The red and black team watched as Martos took the lead just three minutes into a forgettable match. Five minutes in, the team from Jaén scored their second goal, and before the end of the first half, the score was a decisive 3-0. This complicates San Pedro’s promotion goal.

Challenging Match for San Pedro

San Pedro faced a demanding match against a direct rival, Martos CD. The red and black team was three points ahead of this week’s opponent, for whom the match was a real final. The team from Jaén took to the field very focused, surprising and overwhelming San Pedro at the start of the match.

Early Goals for Martos

Three minutes in, the first goal for the home team arrived with a shot inside the box from Carrillo. Just two minutes later, Carrillo scored his team’s second goal in a play identical to the first. These two goals left San Pedro reeling and out of the match, with Martos having the best goal opportunities to further increase their lead.

San Pedro Struggles to Recover

In the first half, the best of San Pedro’s attack was a shot by Óscar at the nine-minute mark, which was easily stopped by Nauzet. There was little else to highlight in the first 45 minutes. Meanwhile, the home team was comfortable on the field and after several warnings, Álex Castillo managed to head in the final 3-0 goal. This was the score at half-time.

Second Half: No Recovery for San Pedro

In the second half, San Pedro improved their performance with the introduced changes, but clear opportunities did not come and they barely managed to unsettle Martos with some set-piece actions. On the other hand, Martos comfortably maintained their position in the match and had a couple of good actions to increase their lead. Without any more goals, San Pedro suffered a harsh defeat, leaving the direct promotion positions and needing to react quickly if they want to achieve their goal this season.

Match Details

Martos CD: Nauzet. David Horno, Álex Castillo, Mena (Iván, min. 58), Chanes, Carrillo (Álex Rodríguez, min. 20), Nico González (Quiles, min. 72), Álvaro Jiménez (Álvaro Muñoz, min. 83), Javi Martínez (Jero, min. 43), Fernando (Marc Rueda, min. 83) and Ramón Ruiz.

UD San Pedro: Reina, Dani Lavela, Morilla, Caminos (Elías, min. 24), Pepe, Adri Ruiz, Óscar Asencio (Sumaila, min. 58), Jesús Díaz (Manu González, min. 68), Ontonellar (Álvaro, min. 58), Pablo Ortega(Lucas Olmos, min. 80) and Carlos Martín (Andrés del Río, min. 24).

Referee: Warned the locals Chanes and Álex Rodríguez; and the visitors Adri Ruiz, Pablo Ortega, Dani Lavela and Morilla.

Goals: 1-0, min. 3: Carrillo. 2-0, min. 5: Carrillo. 3-0, min. 39: Álex Castillo.

Field: Municipal de Martos.

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