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Romero Reveals 2021 Opium Allegations were Driven by Political Agendas: A Must-Read Shocking

March 22, 2024
Romero Reveals 2021 Opium Allegations were Driven by Political Agendas: A Must-Read Shocking - mini1 1707261730 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella’s Deputy Mayor, Félix Romero, Responds to Opium Case Allegations

Félix Romero, the Deputy Mayor of Marbella, who is one of the defendants in the Opium case, has claimed that the residents’ complaint was politically motivated, as it was filed “in the semester prior” to the elections. However, this is not true, as it was filed more than a year and a half earlier, due to the nuisance caused by the nightclub.

Romero’s Role in the Opium Case

Romero, who was the Councillor for Industry during the last term and therefore responsible for granting licenses to such establishments, made his statement on Tuesday following the dismissal of the case in court. “I have not committed any crime, I am an innocent person and I believed that justice should vindicate me,” he explained.

Romero’s Take on the Dismissal of the Case

Romero believes that the dismissal of the case by Judge Dívar “serves justice” and reminded that this is the fourth criminal case against him that has been closed. He stated that “it deserves deep reflection that one has to defend oneself in court against false accusations.”

Romero’s Suspicion on the Timing of the Complaints

For Romero, “it is suspicious that these criminal proceedings are always filed in the pre-election period.” Regarding the Opium case, he said it was filed “in the semester before the elections” and added that he imagines that “there will be another complaint for the next ones.”

Contradiction in Romero’s Statements

At this point, the councillor lied because the residents filed the complaint in October 2021, more than a year and a half before the municipal elections, which were held in May 2023. It was Judge Dívar himself who took a long time to admit it to proceedings, something he did on March 9, 2023.

Residents’ Complaints Against the Nightclub

In addition, the residents acted out of frustration with the disturbances they were suffering in their homes from this nightclub, which they had reported to the City Council on numerous occasions.

Romero’s Final Remarks on the Case

Romero concluded by pointing out that the judge has conducted a “significant investigation” of up to six volumes. “It clarifies that I have no responsibility and I hope that the resolution will be final,” he said, knowing that there will now be an appeal to the Provincial Court.

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