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Roads Authority Slapped Opium with a Sanction in March 2023: Here’s the Scoop!

May 12, 2023
Roads Authority Slapped Opium with a Sanction in March 2023: Here's the Scoop! - mini1 1707698953 - Local Events and Festivities - Sanction in March

Opium Faces Sanction for Unauthorized Activity

Opium, a nightclub in Marbella, requested authorization from the Road Demarcation for a sports club. However, in March 2023, the Road Demarcation decided to initiate a sanctioning file against Opium as the activity carried out did not correspond to what was authorized at the end of 2020. The company had initially requested permission for a sports club. The organization also detected an impact on traffic in the area.

Opium’s Request for Authorization from Road Demarcation

In addition to the licenses and permits that Opium requested from the Marbella City Council, it also required authorization from the Road Demarcation of Eastern Andalusia. This was because the establishment is accessed from the A-7 highway. Therefore, this body, which depends on the Ministry of Transport, granted an authorization in December 2020 for a period of four years. This was done based on the project they had presented for a “sports club as of November 2019”, according to the documentation accessed by Marbella24hours.

Sanctioning File Initiated Against Opium

However, on March 8, 2023, a sanctioning file was initiated, which is still being processed, because the “activity carried out” did not correspond to the “previously authorized” one. As it was obvious, there was no sports club there, but a nightclub with musical performances in an auditorium that were advertised on the internet.

Opium’s Attempts to Reopen

In March 2023, Opium began the process to apply for a license from the Marbella City Council and reopen the facilities. They first requested permission for a “hospitality establishment with music and terrace on a beach club”, although they rectified this months later. On August 9, 2023, they expressly renounced the musical activity inside and the request was left for a “hospitality establishment without music, private terrace, and pool”. The City Council gave the green light, with all the reports in order, and considered that a new Road permit was not necessary, as the one from December 2020 was sufficient.

Opium’s Impact on Traffic

However, the State body reminded that the authorization was for a “sports club”, which was not the activity carried out in the establishment and for which it was being sanctioned. In addition, it considers that Opium’s operation “causes situations that compromise the level of service on the service road and road safety on the A-7 highway”. The Road Demarcation now demands that the company “justify that the traffic generated will not affect” the highway or, if necessary, propose measures to prevent traffic disruption such as increasing the capacity of the access lane.

Legal Proceedings Against Opium

While all this administrative process is taking place, in the courts, after the neighbors’ complaint about the noise was filed away, they have decided to appeal to the Provincial Court.

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