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Revolutionary Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery Now Available at HC Marbella!

March 22, 2024
Revolutionary Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery Now Available at HC Marbella! - mini1 1708906488 - Local Events and Festivities -

HC Marbella’s Traumatology Unit Boasts Latest Advancements

The Traumatology Unit at HC Marbella is equipped with the latest advancements. Osteoarthritis, a condition characterized by the wear and tear of knee cartilage or other joints, can initially be a mere discomfort and easily tolerable. However, as the deterioration progresses, it can cause intense pain, impacting the patient’s quality of life.

Conservative Solutions and Knee Replacement Surgery

To manage the pain, conservative solutions such as infiltrations or analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication can be opted for. But when the pain becomes unbearable and any daily activity becomes a problem, knee replacement may be the best solution. Knee replacement surgery is a routine and safe procedure, with predictably good clinical results, effectively restoring mobility and independence to those who undergo it.

Robotic Assistance with CORI at HC Marbella International Hospital

At HC Marbella International Hospital, they take this type of intervention a step further with the incorporation of robotic assistance with CORI. With robotic surgery applied to knee prostheses, both for total and partial replacements, excellent clinical results are achieved.

3D Representation and Perfect Anatomical Alignment

Thanks to intraoperative planning carried out during the same operation, a three-dimensional representation of the patient’s worn-out knee is obtained. Through the computing system of the same robotic system, a perfect anatomical alignment of the three lower limb joints – hip, knee, and ankle – is achieved. The system also ensures that the prosthesis fits efficiently to the patient’s anatomy, applying virtually custom-made prostheses.

Less Invasive Surgery and Faster Recovery

This significant technical advancement translates into much less invasive surgery, more anatomical, and consequently reduces convalescence and recovery time, allowing a return to daily activity much sooner. At the same time, due to innovations included in the latest prostheses, the lifespan of these prostheses has increased exponentially, extending their durability.

HC Marbella International Hospital: A Pioneer in Orthopedic Surgery

With the incorporation of CORI, HC Marbella International Hospital becomes a pioneering center in orthopedic surgery in Andalusia. This robot allows for maximum surgical precision for a life in motion and without pain.

Advantages Offered by HC’s Traumatology Unit

The Traumatology Unit at HC offers a unique plan tailored to each patient. It promotes a single act, so that the patient can reduce their visits to the hospital. It has a radiodiagnostic center with 3Testlas Magnetic Resonance, 64X2 CT, radiological studies with AI. Maximum safety in the surgical area with laminar flow systems and type A controlled environment room. It also has a specialized physiotherapy unit.

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