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“Quirónsalad Marbella Generously Donates State-of-the-Art Adapted Chair to Ultra Trail Sierra

May 2, 2024
"Quirónsalad Marbella Generously Donates State-of-the-Art Adapted Chair to Ultra Trail Sierra - mini1 1714484937 - Local Events and Festivities -

Quirónsalud Donates Adapted Chair to CD Ultra Trail Sierra Blanca

Quirónsalud Hospital in Marbella has gifted an adapted chair to CD Ultra Trail Sierra Blanca. The chair is designed for use by both children and adults in mountain races or hiking trails. This is the first chair that the Marbella sports club has received from a private entity.

Quirónsalud Foundation Covers the Cost

The Quirónsalud Foundation has taken care of all the paperwork to cover the cost of this mobility aid device. The initiative originated from a request made by representatives of the local entity, who asked for this model of chair to make social inclusion a reality in the races they organize in the mountains.

CD Ultra Trail Sierra Blanca Expresses Gratitude

Francisco Viegas, the general manager of CD Ultra Trail Sierra Blanca, expressed his gratitude for the donation. He described the chair as very special, stating that there is only one manufacturer in Europe and that it has all the features to safely transport their most special participants.

Quirónsalud Foundation’s Commitment to Social Inclusion

Teresa Álvarez, manager of the Quirónsalud Foundation, highlighted the social commitment of the proposal. She expressed pride in supporting an initiative that enriches Marbella society and finds it very rewarding to be part of a project born with the sensitivity and purpose of removing barriers to outdoor experiences.

Donation Aimed at Enjoyment and Accessibility for All

The donation of the chair also comes with the commitment that it will be a tool for enjoyment and accessible to all citizens of the municipality. In this regard, CD Ultra Trail Sierra Blanca has already planned outings with other clubs and NGOs in the city.

Association Center for Attention to Child Diversity (CADI) Excited for New Opportunities

One of these is the Association Center for Attention to Child Diversity (CADI), whose board has expressed great excitement about the new options. Rosa Ruiz, a member of CADI, expressed that the mountain was a pending issue due to motor difficulty. Now, they are given wings and their children will be able to feel the sensation of freedom outdoors.

Quirónsalud Foundation’s Mission

The Quirónsalud Foundation aims to promote health and healthy lifestyle habits through education, research promotion, and social action aimed at patients, patient associations, their families, and society in general.

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