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“PSOE Slams Costa del Sol Hospital’s Status as a Waiting List Leader – Find Out Why!”

April 12, 2024
"PSOE Slams Costa del Sol Hospital's Status as a Waiting List Leader - Find Out Why!" - mini1 1712575793 - Local Events and Festivities -

Isabel Pérez, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, and José Bernal Visit Hospital

Isabel Pérez, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, and José Bernal were seen at the hospital this morning. Isabel Pérez, a socialist deputy and spokesperson for the PSOE in the Marbella City Council, expressed her disappointment that the government of Moreno Bonilla has turned the Costa del Sol Hospital into one of the reference health centers with increasing waiting lists in Andalusia, causing significant harm to the patients in the region.

Accusations of Deteriorating Public Health Services

According to Pérez, the PP government in the Junta is rapidly degrading public health services on the Costa del Sol, neglecting all infrastructure, especially in primary care, as has happened with the Leganitos health center. She was accompanied by Andalusian parliamentarian, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, and the Secretary of Organization of the Malaga PSOE, Pepe Bernal. They also criticized that the regional government is not investing in public health while the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, remains silent.

Current Situation of Costa del Sol Hospital

Regarding the current situation of the Costa del Sol Hospital, Pérez recalled that it is being expanded with the central government’s COVID funds, much to the chagrin of the PP, funds that they tried to sabotage in Brussels and works that had previously been halted by Muñoz herself in 2010. She also criticized the lack of staff at the reference hospital on the Costa del Sol, stating that this shows how little the PP and Moreno Bonilla care about public health.

Increasing Waiting Lists and Lack of Attention

Ruiz Espejo expressed his regret that, as a result of Moreno Bonilla’s management, the waiting lists at the Costa del Sol have increased by 40%, making it the hospital with the highest increase. He pointed out that there are more than 45,000 people, of which 25,000 are already beyond the two-month guarantee period to be attended to. In total, more than 75,000 people are still waiting at this hospital.

Increasing Neglect of Public Health in Andalusia

Ruiz Espejo detailed that, just on the Western Costa del Sol, there are 5,600 people waiting for a surgical operation at this hospital. This is an increase of 35% according to data published in June 2023, which puts it at the top of the ranking of Moreno Bonilla’s neglect of Andalusian public health.

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