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“PSOE Raises Alarm over Neglect of San Pedro Boulevard, Demands Immediate Action!”

April 22, 2024
"PSOE Raises Alarm over Neglect of San Pedro Boulevard, Demands Immediate Action!" - mini1 1713545549 - Local Events and Festivities -

Isabel Pérez Visits San Pedro Alcántara, Criticizes State of Neglect

Isabel Pérez, the spokesperson for the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) in the Marbella City Council, visited San Pedro Alcántara this Friday. She criticized the state of “absolute neglect” of the San Pedro Alcántara boulevard, blaming the “poor management” of the governing team of the People’s Party (PP) and the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz. Pérez demanded urgent measures to address the situation.

San Pedro Alcántara Boulevard: An Emblematic and Touristic Spot in Disrepair

Pérez highlighted that the boulevard is an “emblematic place” in the municipality and a “tourist reference”. She found it “totally incomprehensible” that it could be in such a state of “neglect”. She pointed out various problems, the “most visible” being the poor condition of the fountains, which are covered in graffiti, lack cleanliness, and are filled with dirty water and all kinds of garbage, creating a breeding ground for “insects and a source of infection for people”.

Children’s Play Area and Accessibility Issues

The deterioration of the children’s play area was also noted, with cracks in the ground and unprotected electrical outlets, which “do not guarantee the safety of the little ones”. Pérez, who was accompanied by the general secretary of the PSOE of San Pedro Alcántara, Enrique Ruiz, reminded that the amphitheater is not accessible for people with functional diversity, a problem that “has not been solved despite the various complaints made”.

Historical Neglect and Lack of Maintenance

The councilor stated that this situation is another “example of the historical neglect” that the PP has subjected San Pedro Alcántara to, with an “absolute lack of generalized maintenance and more visible in emblematic points like the boulevard”. She urged Mayor Ángeles Muñoz to take action, especially as we approach a new tourist season where “it is shameful that our visitors see the boulevard in these conditions”.

Call for More Attention to San Pedro Alcántara

“San Pedro Alcántara cannot always be the great forgotten by the PP government team”, Pérez said. She concluded by demanding the mayor to “spend more time visiting this part of the municipality and solving its real problems, instead of just coming to take pictures and sell smoke”.

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