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“PSOE Demands Resumption of New Andalusia Sports Complex Construction – Find Out Why!”

April 30, 2024
"PSOE Demands Resumption of New Andalusia Sports Complex Construction - Find Out Why!" - mini1 1714046424 - Local Events and Festivities -

Isabel Pérez Demands Completion of Sports Complex in Nueva Andalucía

Isabel Pérez, the spokesperson for the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) in the Marbella City Council, has called on Mayor Ángeles Muñoz to expedite the completion of the Nueva Andalucía Educational Center for Specialization. The construction of this center, which began in February 2022, has been stalled for months despite being due for completion.

Long-Awaited Facilities Still Unfinished

Pérez pointed out that the project was supposed to include two facilities that local athletes have been demanding for decades: a 400-meter athletics track and an Olympic swimming pool. However, these facilities are still not a reality after 15 years of the People’s Party (PP) governing the municipality. Pérez wants to know why the construction has stopped and has reminded that Mayor Muñoz had promised that the facilities would be ready by the summer of 2023.

Accusations of Mismanagement and Deception

According to Pérez, not only has the mayor failed to meet the deadline, but the construction has also come to a halt. She described this as another example of the PP’s poor management and a mockery of the citizens. Pérez accused the mayor of “selling smoke,” referring to the mayor’s announcement on February 17, 2022, of one of the most advanced and modern facilities in the province in Nueva Andalucía.

Existing Facilities Disappear, Leaving Athletes in the Lurch

More than two years have passed since the announcement, and there is still nothing, said Pérez, who considers this a serious issue. The Guadaiza Sports Center, which had a football field and a swimming pool, used to exist on the same site. These facilities have disappeared, and now there are neither old nor new facilities, which Pérez described as a worsening situation.

Call for Respect for Athletes and Better Facilities

Pérez has called on Muñoz to show respect for local athletes who deserve better facilities and should not have to travel to other municipalities where such facilities exist. She cited the example of athletes having to travel to Estepona and water polo clubs playing home games in Torre del Mar, Fuengirola, or Algeciras.

Criticism of Mayor’s Sports Management

Pérez emphasized that the mayor’s management of sports over the past 15 years has been disastrous. Not only are there no new facilities, but there are also fewer facilities than before. She also highlighted the slow pace of the renovation of the Salduba swimming pool at the Serrano Lima sports center, which is currently the only option for water polo teams.

Urgent Need for a 400-Meter Track for Athletes

Pérez pointed out that athletes cannot be satisfied with the short track that they are supposed to have in Arroyo Primero. They need a 400-meter facility to fully carry out their activities. Therefore, she urged the government team to finish the Nueva Andalucía Specialization Center as soon as possible so that local athletes can have the facilities they deserve.

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