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Only 10% of Marbella’s Corruption Sentence Money Recovered – Uncover the Shocking Truth!

April 26, 2024
Only 10% of Marbella's Corruption Sentence Money Recovered - Uncover the Shocking Truth! - mini1 1713884213 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella City Council Recovers 50 Million Euros from Corruption Cases

The Marbella City Council has so far recovered 50 million euros from the 500 million euros that are included in favorable court rulings for corruption cases following the Gil era. This represents a 10% recovery rate in always complex processes. There are still 40 million euros pending before the Court of Auditors. These figures were provided this morning by the governing team. Marbella continues, little by little, to recover the money from corruption, although there is still much to do despite the many years that have passed since the Gil era.

500 Million Euros Recognized Through Firm Sentences for Corruption

Currently, the City Council has recognized 500 million euros through firm sentences for corruption, as explained this morning by the Councilor for Legal Advice, Francisca Caracuel. Of this amount, so far only 10%, just over 50 million euros, has been collected, both in money and in goods. The councilor also explained that there is a forecast of 40 million euros in the Court of Auditors. She mentioned “part of the inheritance of Gil’s heirs, issues of Pedro Román and some sentences that are going for execution”.

26 Million Euros Recovered in Various Legal Cases

In October 2018, the governing team reported that 26 million euros had been recovered in various legal cases.

Private Detectives to Recover Assets

In line with recovering assets before the Court of Auditors, as recently advanced by Marbella24horas, the City Council is even going to opt for the hiring of private investigators. The aim is to thoroughly track all the assets of the corrupt to achieve maximum recovery for the municipal coffers. The governing team is going to outsource representation before this judicial body, with a contract for up to five years, including extensions.

Private Investigators Necessary to Uncover Assets

Regarding private detectives, this morning Francisca Caracuel said that “sometimes we lawyers resort to these types of professionals”. She recalled that “it is necessary to find out the assets because no convict voluntarily provides them, often because they are not in their name”. “The tender is very complete and it never hurts to resort to these private investigators”, she added.

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