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“Marbella’s Reservoir Reaches Five-Month High Thanks to Recent Rains – You Won’t Believe the Transformation

March 22, 2024
"Marbella's Reservoir Reaches Five-Month High Thanks to Recent Rains - You Won't Believe the Transformation - mini1 1710117399 - Local Events and Festivities -

Concepción Reservoir Breathes a Sigh of Relief After Recent Rainfall

The Concepción Reservoir, which supplies water to Marbella, was pictured last February. The recent rainfall, a result of the storm named “Monica”, has provided some relief to the reservoir. It now boasts its highest water level in five months. The reserves have increased by 2.5 cubic hectometres, with the expectation of runoff that could triple the water collection.

March Begins with Rainfall, Following in February’s Footsteps

Just as it happened in February with the passage of “Karlotta”, March has also begun with rainfall. This time, it’s due to the storm “Monica”, which has brought more abundant precipitation than its predecessor. Both storms have given a breather to the Concepción Reservoir, which currently has its best level in five months with 17.79 cubic hectometres. This represents 31% of the capacity, a level not seen since mid-October of last year.

Reservoir Gains 2.5 Cubic Hectometres in Recent Days

In recent days, the reservoir has gained 2.5 cubic hectometres, a figure that could triple in the coming weeks with the runoffs. Following the recent days of rain, the Concepción observatory has collected 76.6 litres per square meter, according to the Hidrosur Network.

Significant Rainfall Amounts Boost Costa del Sol Reserves

The same source, but at the weather station of the treatment plant, has added 65.3 litres per square meter. The Marbella weather blog, managed by Jerónimo Amores, reports about 67.7 litres after the passage of the storm “Monica”. These amounts are significant and provide a much-needed boost to the reserves of the Costa del Sol, which had dropped to 13 cubic hectometres.

Reservoir Levels Still Far from Last Year’s

Now there are almost five more, following the aforementioned storms. This, along with the contribution of the desalination plant and conservation measures, should ensure supply for several months. Despite the improvement, the Concepción Reservoir is still far from the level it had a year ago when it was at 81%. The lowest level of the reservoir that serves Marbella occurred on November 14, 2005, with 4.9 cubic hectometres.

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