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All Set for Marbella’s Holy Week – Keep Your Eyes on the Sky!

Experience the stunning processions and celebrations of Marbella's Holy Week under the beautiful Andalusian sky!
March 25, 2024
Marbella's Holy Week
Marbella's Holy Week

Marbella Prepares for Holy Week with a New Brotherhood

Marbella is all set to face another Holy Week, this time at the end of March, with the introduction of a new brotherhood. The weather, however, might be a concern due to the instability and the possibility of rain over several days. The city council has launched a new website this morning and also the security measures for these dates.

Launch of Holy Week with Traditional Procession

The Holy Week in Marbella kicks off this Saturday with the usual procession of the “Children of Leganitos”, now established as a brotherhood, the eighth in Marbella. On September 19, 2023, Bishop Monsignor Jesús Catalá signed the decree of canonical erection and they already processed in an extraordinary exit on November 19. Now, the Virgin of Amargura will parade for the first time as a brotherhood in Holy Week, marking the main novelty of this year.

Weather Concerns for the Holy Week

The weather will be closely watched as the spring forecast, which is quite changeable, suggests it might rain. Currently, the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) predicts rain from Sunday to Thursday in Marbella. Apart from the processions, this is also the first major tourist period of the year and the rain could affect the arrival of tourists, especially last-minute bookings.

New Website for Holy Week Information

The Marbella City Council launched a website this morning to provide information about Holy Week in five languages. This is another novelty this year, with a portal that will include the history of the ten brotherhoods of the municipality, eight from Marbella, plus those from San Pedro and Nueva Andalucía. It also offers images and reviews of the 32 advocations; a gallery with more than 60 historical posters; worship schedules and a link to access live broadcasts offered by the municipal television RTV Marbella. Lastly, it features a section where a collaborative gallery will be created with images sent by citizens.

Security Measures for Holy Week

The security measures, with nearly 400 personnel, were also presented this morning by the City Council. It includes agents from the National Police, Local Police, beach rescue service, ambulances, Civil Protection volunteers, and the underwater unit of the Firefighters. About twenty Local Police students in the final phase of their training will also join, especially strengthening the traffic unit, which consists of 30 personnel. Another area where the agents will work is the city’s nightlife, maintaining reinforcement in areas of the Virgen del Carmen Sports Port, Puerto Banús, Plaza de la Libertad de San Pedro Alcántara, and the center of Marbella. The National Police will do so with their Prevention and Reaction Unit (UPR) and Local with the Intervention Unit, in night services, along with plainclothes agents who will work for the smooth functioning of these dates.

Procession Schedules for Marbella’s Holy Week 2024

The schedules and routes of the processions for Marbella’s Holy Week 2024 and San Pedro Alcántara’s Holy Week 2024 have been announced.

Marbella’s Holy Week will once again be cardioprotected by the Red Cross.

Marbella's Holy Week
Marbella’s Holy Week

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