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“Costa Media Unearths Decades of Marbella’s Hidden Past: The Riveting Journey Unveiled!”

April 25, 2024
Costa media members go back through decades of Marbella history

Marbella Chosen as Venue for Costa Press Club’s April Meeting

The Costa Press Club has selected Marbella as the location for its April gathering. The theme of the meeting was aptly titled “Marbella moves with the times”. This was demonstrated through a presentation at the Hotel El Fuerte Marbella. The hotel recently underwent a 31-million-euro renovation and has reopened as a magnificent five-star establishment.

Hotel El Fuerte Marbella: A Testament to Marbella’s Evolution

José Luque, the President of the Costa del Sol Hoteliers’ Association (Aehcos) and CEO of Fuerte Hotels, was the speaker at the event. He used the history of the hotel to depict the transformations that Marbella has undergone over the years. The hotel was founded when his father, a former chocolate factory owner from Estepa, purchased the property in 1954. After his father’s death, his mother transitioned from a housewife to a hotel manager while their five children finished their education. They all eventually joined the family business.

Marbella: The Grand Dame of Luxury Tourism

As the Costa del Sol region has developed and prospered, Marbella has earned the reputation of being the grand dame of luxury tourism. This year, it received the accolade of Best European Destination. The Luque family has continued to pave the way, launching more luxury and innovative lifestyle hotels. The flagship El Fuerte Marbella waterside hotel has always been at the forefront of this movement.

Öbal Urban Hotel: A New Chapter in Marbella’s Hotel Industry

After touring the Hotel El Fuerte Marbella, club members proceeded to another recently renovated establishment, the Öbal Urban Hotel. Previously known as the San Cristóbal, this hotel is owned by the Parra family and has been a significant part of Marbella’s history for many years. It has now undergone a complete upgrade to a four-star hotel with a fresh, urban concept.

A Taste of Marbella’s Hospitality

The club members concluded their visit with cocktails on the terrace and a tour of the Öbal Urban Hotel. They then enjoyed a meal at the hotel’s Restaurante Alameda, showcasing the hospitality that Marbella is renowned for.

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