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Marbella Water Rationing: Government Caps Daily Water Use to 160 Liters Per Person!

February 13, 2024
Marbella Water Rationing: Government Caps Daily Water Use to 160 Liters Per Person! - mini1 1707520212 - Local Events and Festivities - Marbella Water Rationing

Drought Management Commission Approves Measures to Combat Water Scarcity in Andalusian Mediterranean Basins

The Drought Management Commission in the Andalusian Mediterranean Basins has approved a series of measures to combat drought this Friday. These measures will impact areas experiencing severe water shortages, including Marbella and the rest of the Western Costa del Sol. The main implication of these measures is the introduction of a limit on urban water consumption.

Meeting to Analyze Hydrological Situation and Approve Drought Mitigation Measures

The meeting held on Friday aimed to analyze the hydrological situation in the region and approve measures to ensure human water supply and mitigate the social, environmental, and economic impacts of the drought. After reviewing the evolution of indicators and the current hydrological situation, the commission unanimously agreed to increase water-saving measures in urban areas.

Limit on Urban Water Consumption in Western Costa del Sol Municipalities

As a result, in all municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol, including Marbella, urban water consumption cannot exceed 160 liters per inhabitant per day. This does not involve checking household consumption, but rather measuring the volume at the entrance of municipal head tanks or collective network intakes. From this point, the regional government can implement necessary flow limitation measures in case of overuse.

Prohibition of Potable Water Use for Street Cleaning and Other Non-Essential Purposes

In addition, the use of potable water for street cleaning, filling private pools, watering gardens, public and private parks, golf courses, car washing outside authorized establishments, ornamental fountains without a closed water circuit, and public showers and fountains remains prohibited.

Regional Government Promotes Water Efficiency Campaigns

The regional government is also promoting new awareness campaigns to encourage efficient water use among all Andalusians.

Concerning Situation of La Concepción Reservoir

The situation of the La Concepción reservoir, which supplies water to Marbella, is very concerning. Before the rains brought by storm Kattrina, it held 13.04 cubic hectometers of water, only 22.66% of its capacity.

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