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Marbella to Slap Fines up to 750 Euros for Urinating in the Ocean – Find Out More!

May 16, 2024
Marbella to Slap Fines up to 750 Euros for Urinating in the Ocean - Find Out More! - mini1 1715812817 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella Beach Regulations: Fines for Urinating in the Sea

The Marbella City Council is drafting a regulatory ordinance for the use of its beaches. The ordinance was initially approved last Friday and will now undergo public exhibition before receiving final approval. One of the most notable measures includes a fine of up to 750 euros for anyone caught urinating in the sea. The final text of the new ordinance is not yet definitive, but Marbella24horas has accessed the document approved in the plenary session, which will now be subject to a period of allegations.

Details of the New Ordinance

The ordinance consists of 73 articles and two annexes, listing the 25 beaches in the municipality and the lifeguard service schedules. It includes controversial aspects such as requiring beach chair renters to wear uniforms, similar to what was done with taxi drivers. However, the most striking aspect is the fine of up to 750 euros for urinating in the sea. The method for identifying offenders has not been established, sparking debate about whether this is as harmful as in a swimming pool.

Comparison with Other Beach Ordinances

Specifically, Article 67 of the new rule considers it a minor offense, punishable by a fine of up to 750 euros, to “physiologically evacuate in the sea and the beach”. This is a copy of the Vigo beach ordinance, which implemented the same prohibition in the summer of 2022 and caused a media stir even in France and the United Kingdom. However, this is not a new concept as the Malaga ordinance has included this offense since 2004, albeit with smaller fines of up to 300 euros.

Other Prohibitions in the New Ordinance

The new Marbella regulation also prohibits activities such as playing ball or with paddles in bathing areas where it may disturb other users, as well as marking off fields or play areas. Leaving umbrellas installed to reserve a place, or throwing cigarette butts or food and nut remnants are also prohibited. Parking caravans or motorhomes is forbidden “as it contravenes the applicable traffic regulations”. Public parties, events, or sports competitions, or making a fire on the beach without authorization are also prohibited.

Pet Regulations

The ordinance prohibits the access, circulation, or presence of domestic animals on the beaches, as well as bathing them in the sea. Their presence is limited to dog beaches, for which conditions are established such as large dogs wearing muzzles or, logically, picking up their droppings.

Sport Fishing Regulations

Sport fishing from the beach shore and from the breakwaters between 7:00 and 21:00 hours is prohibited in bathing areas during the bathing season and Holy Week. It is allowed outside of these hours as long as it does not affect the cleanliness of the beach. Any sport fishing activity carried out within the established schedule will be subject to the absence of users on the beach. In any case, it will be carried out more than 100 meters away from the users. Outside of the bathing season, there will be no time restriction.

Beach Chair Regulations

It is established that, at most, for every 100 m2 authorized, 24 beach chairs or loungers and 12 umbrellas or parasols can be arranged. The beach chairs must be made of plastic, treated wood, or aluminum with canvas, without a fabric mattress or cushion. Other materials must be authorized. Each beach chair must be cleaned after use and before it is used again. In addition, at the end of the day, a “deep cleaning and disinfection” of all elements must always be carried out. The ordinance states that those authorized for beach chair plots must wear a uniform with a white polo shirt identifying the beach chair plot and the Marbella City Council logo. They must also wear a white cap with the same logo; blue shorts; a matching belt and a black fanny pack. In addition, they will carry an identification plate with their name, ID, beach chair plot number, and the name of the beach. A special sanctioning regime is established for beach chair renters, as anyone who accumulates three sanctions in a period of less than a year will lose their authorization.

Publication of the New Ordinance

These are some of the most notable aspects of the new Marbella beach ordinance, which has not yet been published in the Official Provincial Bulletin (Bopma), at which time the period for allegations will begin.

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