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Marbella Skyrockets Marpoética’s Budget to an Astonishing 120,000 Euros!

April 13, 2024
Marbella Skyrockets Marpoética's Budget to an Astonishing 120,000 Euros! - mini1 1712764093 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marpoética Festival 2023 Edition Kicks Off in Marbella

One of the events of the 2023 edition of the Marpoética Festival in Marbella is set to begin this Thursday. The Marbella City Council has allocated a record budget of 120,000 euros for the seventh edition of the Marpoética festival this year. This cost has doubled from the 60,000 euros allocated in 2021. This year’s festival will feature artists such as Miguel Poveda and Santiago Auserón, and writers like Antonio Gamoneda.

Marpoética Festival’s Seventh Edition

The Marpoética Festival is now in its seventh edition. It was launched in 2015 and resumed in 2018, although the 2020 edition was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s budget has skyrocketed to 120,000 euros, according to documents accessed by Marbella24horas. Last year, the festival itself cost 100,000 euros, plus an additional 6,000 euros for the organization of the first Marpoética International Poetry Prize.

Increased Budget for Cultural Event

The amount allocated to this cultural event has doubled from the 60,000 euros allocated in 2021. In 2018, the cost was 64,553 euros, while in 2019, an election year, it rose to 87,362 euros. In 2022, the budget was 80,000 euros. All editions since 2018 have been organized by the same Cordoba-based company, Comunicación y Gestión de Medios Ñ Multimedia S.L.

Marpoética Festival’s Opening Day

On Thursday, April 11, the festival will kick off with flamenco singer Miguel Poveda, Spanish playwright and poet Alberto Conejero, and students from Marbella’s primary schools taking center stage. For two weeks, poetry as a literary genre and the poetic as a concept encompassing all arts and creative disciplines will spread throughout the city. In total, more than 40 artists will participate in the festival, including Cervantes Prize winner Antonio Gamoneda, musician Santiago Auserón, novelist and poet Joaquín Pérez Azaústre, writer and actress Ole Oseguera, and playwright Alberto Conejero.

Marpoética Festival Activities

The activities will continue until Thursday, April 25. The opening day will be marked by two activities. First, starting at 12:00 pm, Marbella will once again host a new edition of the ‘Levantando el verso’ project, which will take place in the Plaza Practicante Manuel Cantos. After the initial proposal, the interest will shift at 8:00 pm to the Teatro Ciudad de Marbella, which, as every year, will adapt its scenography for the festival and will host one of the current stars of flamenco, singer Miguel Poveda. With all tickets already sold out, the premiere of Marpoética will serve to find those shared territories that poetry and flamenco have.

Marpoética Festival’s Upcoming Events

Over the weekend, for example, the ‘La poesía en pie’ section, directed by playwright Alberto Conejero, will allow three theatrical proposals to be seen in spaces such as the Teatro Ciudad de Marbella, the Hospital Real de la Misericordia, or the Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo. The following week, the ‘Diálogos Poéticos’ section and the young poetry cycle ‘Palabra del Mar’, which delves into new Spanish poetry under the direction of writer Carla Nyman, are set to begin. Marpoética activities, which are free of charge in all cases until full capacity is reached, also extend to other proposals such as ‘Maridajes Poéticos’ or the ‘Faenando Versos’ cycle.

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