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“Marbella Nears a Stunning 7,000 Tourist Homes After Adding Over 400 More!”

May 21, 2024
"Marbella Nears a Stunning 7,000 Tourist Homes After Adding Over 400 More!" - mini1 1716198732 - Local Events and Festivities -

Spain’s Municipalities with the Most Tourist Homes According to INE

Marbella remains the fourth municipality in Spain with the most tourist homes, according to the latest data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), collected in February. There are nearly 7,000 apartments designated for this purpose, 454 more than the previous data from August 2023, and 1,726 more places than before. The growth has moderated.

Marbella’s Tourist Homes and Their Contribution to the Total

Marbella has 6,994 tourist homes, accounting for 6.97% of the total in the municipality. There are 38,910 places offered in these accommodations. These are official figures just published by the INE, collected in February. In Marbella, the supply has grown compared to the previous figure from August 2023. At that time, there were 6,540, so there are now 454 more. There is also a significant increase of 1,726 more places in the last six months, as the number has risen from 37,184 to the current 38,910. The increase is continuous, although it has moderated in these latest data.

Spanish Cities with the Most Tourist Homes

The two Spanish cities with the most tourist homes, significantly ahead of the rest, are Madrid (16,100), which gains almost 2,000, and Barcelona (8,842), which increases by about 1,300. The decline in Barcelona since the more than 17,000 counted in the summer of 2020 is striking, although the trend is now upward. The third position in this ranking, which Marbella held in August 2022, continues to be for Malaga, which reaches 7,038 (+488). The fourth place, very close, is for Marbella (6,994), followed by Valencia (6,769) and Seville (6,171). These are the six municipalities with over 6,000 tourist homes.

National Ranking and the Leading Province

In the eighth national position is Mijas (4,229), where these apartments account for 6.82% of the total. Thus, the Costa del Sol and Malaga, with 41,038 tourist apartments, are positioned as the leading province in Spain in this type of accommodation offer. The second place is for the province of Alicante with 38,007, far from the third place of the Balearic Islands (25,073).

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