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“Marbella FC Completely Crushed by the Might of Betis Deportivo’s Juggernaut in a 5

April 12, 2024
"Marbella FC Completely Crushed by the Might of Betis Deportivo's Juggernaut in a 5 - mini1 1712488338 - Local Events and Festivities -

Jesus Proves to be a Real Headache for Marbella

Jesus has been a real headache for Marbella in the match between Marbella FC and Betis Deportivo. The latter team completely dominated the first half, ending with a four-goal lead. Marbella tried to salvage some pride in the second half with a goal from Dago, but it was only a consolation in a 5-1 defeat that could have been worse.

Match Between Playoff Candidates Resolved in 45 Minutes

The match between the playoff candidates was resolved in just 45 minutes in favor of Betis Deportivo, who completely outplayed Marbella. Fran Beltran’s team was ineffective, unable to contain a rampant Betis Deportivo on the pitch of the Luis del Sol Sports City.

Marbella Struggles Away from Home

The main novelty of the eleven set up by the white coach was the inclusion of Marco Tulio in the absence of Jorge Álvarez. The rest of the team, the usual Marbella players, are capable of resolving matches at home, but struggle a lot away from home.

Betis Deportivo Dominates the Match

Betis Deportivo controlled the match at all times, wanting the ball and being very incisive when the ball crossed the center of the field and entered the opponent’s territory. The quality and mobility of Sorroche, Jesus, Mawuli, and Yanis were a real headache for the visitors.

Marbella’s Offensive Production Ends in the First Half

Despite the dominance of the locals in the first half of the first half, the arrivals in the white area were minimal. The visitors barely had offensive capacity in the match and in the first half they only posed some danger in a slip by Mendy that allowed Hugo Rodriguez to enter the area to provoke a corner kick.

Betis Deportivo’s Dominance Rewarded

The dominance of the subsidiary would be rewarded in the 25th minute, when a good play on the left wing ended with Jesus’s center and Yanis’s shot inside the area. The Betis team took the lead deservedly.

Marbella Struggles to Connect with its Players

Marbella was not comfortable on the green, unable to connect with its top players. The midfield did not appear and the Betis players were superior in all aspects.

Marbella Completely Sunk in Just a Few Minutes

In just a few minutes, the match was resolved and left Marbella completely sunk and Fran Beltran with a lot to think about during the break. After the break, Betis Deportivo came out much more relaxed and Marbella took advantage of it, also showing character to try to get into the duel.

Marbella Tries to Get Back into the Match

In the 55th minute, Dago received a great ball from Puñal to define with quality before the exit of Guilherme. Marbella appealed to its pride to try to get into the match and after the scored goal, it entered twice on the wings with two centers that did not find a finisher.

Marbella FC Struggles to Win Away from Home

The match leaves little more than a match that was already completely resolved in the first half and that again highlights the numerous problems that Marbella FC presents when playing away from home where victory has been resisting since January.

Match Details

Betis Deportivo: Guilherme, Ortiz (Caro, min. 82), Visus, Mendy, Pleguezuelo (Lucas Alcázar, min. 77), Mateo (Quique Fernández, min. 77), Ginés Sorroche, Mawuli, Souleymane (Berto Rosas, min. 65), Jesus Rodriguez and Yanis (Manu Morillo, min. 65). Marbella FC: Lejárraga, Fran Moreno, Carrasco, Ale Benítez, Marco Tulio (Julio Delgado, min. 65), Marcos Olguín, Aitor Puñal (Acevedo, min. 65), Rafa de Vicente (Ale Hernández, min. 77), Hugo Rodríguez (Soto, min. 86), Ohemeng (Gato, min. 86) and Dago. Referee: Palomares Gutiérrez. He admonished the locals Yanis and Mawuli and the visitor Aitor Puñal. Goals: 1-0, min. 25: Yanis. 2-0, min. 42: Ginés Sorroche. 3-0, min. 45+1: Mawuli (p). 4-0, min. 45+3: Jesus. 4-1, min. 55: Dago. 5-1, min. 90+2: Jesus. Field: Luis del Sol Sports City.

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