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Marbella Extends Pandemic Wallet Card for the Fifth Year in a Row: A Story of Resilience and Adapt

April 7, 2024
Marbella Extends Pandemic Wallet Card for the Fifth Year in a Row: A Story of Resilience and Adapt - mini1 1712154806 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella City Council Continues Food Guarantee Program for Fifth Consecutive Year

The Food Guarantee Program, also known as the wallet card, was launched in 2020 by the Marbella City Council. This initiative was created in response to the outbreak of the pandemic. Despite a rocky start in its first year, the program is set to continue for the fifth consecutive year.

€180,000 Allocated for the Food Guarantee Program

The city council has once again allocated €180,000 of municipal funds for this purpose. This amount has had to be increased in some years due to high demand.

Program Aims to Support Vulnerable Individuals

The council announced on Wednesday the renewal of the agreement with the Stop and Help (DYA) association for the Food Guarantee Program, which is aimed at individuals in vulnerable situations. In 2023, the program benefited 400 families and over 800 vulnerable individuals.

New Collaboration Agreement Signed

Mayor Ángeles Muñoz signed a new collaboration agreement with Joaquín Mejías, president of the entity responsible for processing a grant. With the wallet card, residents with limited resources can directly purchase food and essential items from local supermarkets.

Subsidy Continues to be Essential

DYA manager, Paqui Muñoz, stated that the subsidy continues to be very necessary as it allows many citizens to make ends meet and cover basic food needs. The cards, which function as shopping vouchers, have a monetary value of between €100 and €150 depending on the number of family members and can be requested up to four times a year.

Special Campaign Launched During Christmas

A special campaign was launched during Christmas, providing an extra card to those in need who had made responsible purchases throughout the rest of the year.

Subsidy Requirements Available Online

The requirements for obtaining this subsidy can be found on the DYA Málaga website, and advice is also offered at the association’s headquarters in San Pedro Alcántara. Last year, the limit was 1.5 times the current IPREM (€600), meaning that people with a maximum monthly amount of €900 can apply. This amount will be increased by 25% of the IPREM (€150) for each additional member contributing to the family unit.

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