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Marbella Climbing Club Scores Double Win in Andalusian Championship: A Stunning Triumph!

March 22, 2024
Marbella Climbing Club Scores Double Win in Andalusian Championship: A Stunning Triumph! - mini1 1710762255 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella Climbing Club Makes History at Andalusian Championship

The Marbella Climbing Club (CEM) made history this weekend during their participation in the Individual Andalusian Championship held in Linares. Juan Carlos Cabello and Esther Muñoz achieved victory in the absolute category, where they also secured three other podium finishes in a championship to remember.

Impressive Performance by Marbella Climbing Club

The Marbella Climbing Club put on a spectacular competition this weekend at the Individual Andalusian Championship. The Marbella club secured five of the six positions that make up the absolute podiums in both the male and female categories.

CEM Competes in II Linares Nordic Walking

The CEM travelled to Linares to compete in the II Linares Nordic Walking, a qualifying event for the Individual Andalusian Championship 2024. The race was organized by the Linares Mountain Club, under the rules of the Andalusian Federation of Mountain Sports, Climbing and Hiking (FADMES).

Marbella Club’s Remarkable Achievement

The Marbella club travelled to the town of Linares with a total of 17 athletes who achieved one of the greatest feats of the club since they started competing in Nordic walking. The race, with hardly any unevenness, covered a total distance of 13.710 kilometers.

Victory for CEM in Absolute Categories

The victory in the absolute categories went to CEM, which managed to add up to three more podiums in the main event. In the male category, Juan Carlos Cabello won with a time of 1 hour, 22 minutes and 57 seconds. His teammate Fran Cruz (1h23:09) was the runner-up.

Women’s Podium Dominated by Marbella Club

In the female category, the podium was completely dominated by the Marbella club with Esther Muñoz (1h33:44) taking the victory, followed by Lola Gallego (1h35:05) and Sara Dabrio (1h35:07). In the subcategories, Óscar Rueda won in the veteran B category and Yoli Zumaquero in the veteran A category. Additionally, María Luisa Acuña secured the second place in the veteran D category.

Young Athletes Shine in the Championship

In the category of young athletes, who completed a circuit of 3.425 kilometers, CEM’s walker Alba Mera secured the second position in the junior category; while her brother Sergio Mera won the bronze in a 1,000-meter race in the children’s category.

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