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Marbella and San Pedro Athletes Endure Three Years of Forced Exile: The Heartbreaking Saga Continues

March 22, 2024
Marbella and San Pedro Athletes Endure Three Years of Forced Exile: The Heartbreaking Saga Continues - mini1 1710432817 - Local Events and Festivities -

State of the Track Works in Guadaiza

In January, the state of the track works in Guadaiza was assessed. Local athletics clubs have been relocating to other municipalities for almost three years to conduct their training. This situation continues to persist as they wait for the government team’s promises to be fulfilled.

Anticipated Summer Completion of Arroyo Primero’s Short Track

By summer, the short track of Arroyo Primero is expected to be operational. However, the long track in Guadaiza remains without a completion date. The management of the Popular Party in the municipality has been characterized by not prioritizing the construction of new sports facilities in their 15 years of governance.

Deficit in Sports Facilities

This deficit is felt by clubs across all types of disciplines. Some sports, like football, experience excessive saturation in various fields. Others, such as swimming, water polo, or athletics, suffer from a lack of approved facilities. Athletics is undoubtedly one of the sports most affected by this lack of facilities.

Local Athletes Struggle with Training Conditions

Years ago, local athletes’ complaints centered on the non-approval of the track at the Municipal Stadium Antonio Lorenzo. Now, almost three years after its closure in May 2021, the reality for these athletes is even worse. There is no way to train properly, and each athlete must find the best way to prepare for the various competitions they participate in.

Local Clubs Manage Training Transportation

Thanks to the management of different local clubs, they have arranged for the City Council to provide a bus to transport them to Estepona twice a week for training at their new athletics stadium. Although the transportation is free, each athlete must pay one euro to use the facilities.

Promise of a Short Track in Arroyo Primero

Meanwhile, they were promised that by Christmas they would have at least a short track in Arroyo Primero, which is now announced for the summer. This solution is a temporary fix while construction of a long track in La Campana is slowly underway. There is no scheduled date for this facility, and it seems it will not be soon.

Local Athletes Express Frustration

Local athletes have explained to Marbella24horas that “for years we have been going to other better tracks to train like Fuengirola or Malaga”, but the difference was that “we went by choice and now it is by obligation because we have nowhere to train”. The reality is that most of the clubs manage during the week, training as best they can and where they can, in unsuitable places like the Paco Cantos Sports Center, while waiting for a track that continues to be delayed.

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