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Loren Morón’s Spectacular Performance Secures a Draw for Aris Against League Leaders AEK in a Thrilling

March 22, 2024
Loren Morón's Spectacular Performance Secures a Draw for Aris Against League Leaders AEK in a Thrilling - mini1 1709549364 - Local Events and Festivities -

Loren Morón Holds the Ball Before Launching the Equalizing Penalty

Loren Morón’s Aris FC faced off against AEK Athens, the current leader of the Greek competition, in this week’s match. The game was a back-and-forth affair with constant changes in the scoreboard. Morón started the match on the bench, but entered in the second half to lead all offensive actions for his team. Following one of his plays, Aris scored the 2-1, and in the added time, Morón scored the definitive 3-3 tie from a penalty.

Morón Maintains Momentum in First Adventure Outside Spain

On Sunday, Morón was once again key in helping his team, Aris FC, earn points in the challenging match against AEK Athens, the leader of the Greek championship. The local coach surprised everyone with his starting eleven, leaving the Marbella forward on the bench. However, this decision only lasted 45 minutes, as Morón was back on the field after the break.

First Half Ends in a Tie, Second Half Sees Morón’s Impact

The first half of the match ended in a 1-1 tie, and in one of the first actions of the second half, Morón received the ball on the left and passed it to Saverio in the box, who scored the 2-1 on his second attempt. Aris’ joy was short-lived as the leader equalized the match minutes later. Midway through the second half, Ponce scored a great header to make it 2-3, keeping AEK in the lead.

Morón’s Determination Leads to Equalizing Penalty

But Morón was not ready to let his team lose. He fell in the box twice, but the referee did not signal the first penalty. The first fall was due to a push in the box after getting away from the defender with a nutmeg, and the second was due to a kick. However, it was clear that the Marbella player was destined to be the protagonist. In the added time, a clear handball by defender Vida gave Morón the opportunity to equalize the match from a penalty. The Marbella player did not miss from eleven meters, adjusting his shot to the right post of the goalkeeper and securing the definitive 3-3 tie, which keeps Aris comfortably in fifth position.

Morón’s Season Tally Reaches 14 Goals

With this goal, Morón now has 14 this season, along with two assists, making him the second highest scorer in the championship, just one goal behind Olympiakos’ Moroccan player El Kaabi.

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