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“Last Minute Penalty Shatters San Pedro’s Comeback Dream in Huércal!”

April 28, 2024
"Last Minute Penalty Shatters San Pedro's Comeback Dream in Huércal!" - mini1 1713775074 - Local Events and Festivities -

UD San Pedro’s Initial Lineup Against Huércal

UD San Pedro visited CD Huércal, a team on the brink of relegation, in this week’s match. The Almerian team surprised everyone by scoring two early goals, forcing Rafael Escobar’s team to make a comeback, which they did. However, in one of the last actions of the game, the home team managed to equalize with a penalty. The trip to Huércal proved more challenging than expected for San Pedro, who are relying on themselves to secure a direct promotion spot with only two rounds left to play.

Long Season for the Red and Black Team

The league is proving to be extremely long for the red and black team, who have struggled to show consistency since the change of coach. They have only won three matches and none away from home in the 10 games with Rafael Escobar at the helm. This week’s match could not have started worse for the red and black interests, with Huércal scoring two goals in the first 25 minutes, casting doubt on all the work done by San Pedro.

San Pedro’s Comeback

The San Pedro team managed to reduce the deficit a few minutes later with a goal from Caminos, ending the first half with a 2-1 score against them. They had 45 minutes left to turn the game around. San Pedro started the second half intensely and in the 50th minute, Álvaro Fernández managed to equalize the match. The visitors were determined to win to take another step towards their goal.

Thrilling End to the Match

The comeback was completed in the 75th minute, thanks to a goal from Soufiane that made the score 2-3 and unleashed the euphoria of a group that is suffering a lot in this final stretch of the season. However, the joy was short-lived as Huércal managed to equalize by converting a penalty in one of the last actions of the match.

San Pedro’s Position in the League

San Pedro remains in third position in the standings with 49 points, still with mathematical chances of finishing in first place, but with only a one-point advantage over their pursuer. However, the red and black team has already secured their place in the playoffs.

Match Details

CD Huércal: Arturo, Uroz (Amador, min. 51), Herrada, Antonio Martínez, Oualid, Miguel Ángel, Barbero (Miguel Uroz, min. 75), Adexe (Pederbera, min. 60), Amate, Dani (Onigho, min. 65) and Spires (Cristian, min. 71). UD San Pedro: Funez, Dani Lavela, Caminos, Pepe del Río, Adri Ruiz, Asencio (Carlos Martín, min. 85), Elías(Jesús Díaz, min. 46), Ontonellar (Álvaro Fernández, min. 46 (Soufiane, min. 55 (Manu González, min. 77))), Víctor (Houssam, min. 80), Pablo Ortega and Andrés del Río. Referee: Booked home players Dani, Uroz, Antonio Martínez and Amador; and visitors Pepe del Río, Caminos, Manu González and Houssam. Goals: 1-0, min. 15: Dani. 2-0, min. 24: Dani. 2-1, min. 29: Caminos. 2-2, min. 50: Álvaro Fernández. 2-3, min. 75: Soufiane. 3-3, min. 89: Herrada (p). Field: Huércal de Almería.

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