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IU Slams Muñoz’s Hypocrisy for Demanding AP-7 Toll Road to be Free – You Won’t Believe

March 22, 2024
IU Slams Muñoz's Hypocrisy for Demanding AP-7 Toll Road to be Free - You Won't Believe - mini1 1707952414 - Local Events and Festivities -

Victoria Morales Criticizes Mayor’s Hypocrisy

Victoria Morales, the local coordinator of the United Left (IU) in Marbella, has criticized the “hypocrisy of Mayor Ángeles Muñoz and the Popular Party for requesting the liberalization of the Costa del Sol highway toll after repeatedly denying it during Rajoy’s governance.”

Accusations of Cynicism

Morales finds it scandalous that Muñoz is reviving a proposal that was forgotten for years by Rajoy’s government, voted against by herself in the City Council, until now when the Popular Party is back in opposition and it has become an urgent and vital request for the mobility of the Costa del Sol.

United Left’s Long-Standing Request

“We from the United Left have been requesting the liberalization of the highway toll for years, if not permanently, at least when there are traffic problems on the A-7 highway,” Morales pointed out. “We requested it in 2009, the city council approved it in 2010, and when Mariano Rajoy came to power in 2011, the PP government put the request in a drawer and ignored it,” she explained.

Proposal Rejected by Popular Party

Morales added that “in January 2015, the municipal group of the United Left proposed to the city council the liberalization of the toll, but the proposal fell in the plenary commissions with the vote against the councilors of the Popular Party and Ángeles Muñoz.”

Continued Efforts for Mobility Improvements

“From the United Left at the local level and with our coordinator of IU Andalusia and deputy of Sumar for Malaga in Congress, Toni Valero, we will continue to request improvements in a serious and coherent way in the mobility of the Costa del Sol and on the A7 highway,” Morales stated. She also announced that the Sumar group in Congress has registered a question to the central government about the planned improvements on the highway, as well as the request for a semi-link to the Istán road that would alleviate traffic in the Puerto Banús area.

Call for Mayor’s Focus on Mobility

The United Left calls on Ángeles Muñoz to focus on improving mobility in the city and not to show her incompetence in matters that are municipal competence and her hypocrisy in now asking for what she denied while being mayor during Mariano Rajoy’s governance.

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