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IU and Muñoz’s Scandals Clash with Marbella’s Interests: A Stunning Revelation!

April 24, 2024
IU and Muñoz's Scandals Clash with Marbella's Interests: A Stunning Revelation! - mini1 1713526301 - Local Events and Festivities -

Victoria Morales and Maica Machuca Raise Concerns Over Mayor’s Scandals

Victoria Morales (d), along with Maica Machuca, from the United Left party, believe that the scandals surrounding the wealth of the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, are incompatible with the defense of Marbella’s interests. This comes after the advantageous reclassification of the land where the mayor’s mansion is located and the cancellation of a three million euro mortgage on that property in Luxembourg.

Questionable Origin of Muñoz’s Wealth

The coordinator of the Local Assembly of the United Left, Victoria Morales, believes that this new scandal once again highlights the murky origin of Muñoz’s wealth. This follows the links of her late husband with organized crime and money laundering within a Swedish criminal network, for which her stepson is charged with serious criminal accusations and as a ringleader.

Contrast Between Muñoz’s Wealth and Marbella’s Residents

Morales points out the contrast between Muñoz’s wealth and the struggles of Marbella’s residents. While the residents of Marbella are struggling to make ends meet, Muñoz cancels a nearly 3 million euro mortgage on her mansion, valued at 12 million, based on a financial product from a Luxembourg bank, benefiting from low taxation.

Morales Questions Muñoz’s Ability to Serve as Mayor

Morales asserts that Muñoz is unfit to be mayor and manage the interests of the majority and the public when she is making headlines in national media with scandals about her wealth, its dubious origin, and its links with money laundering and tax havens. Meanwhile, the residents of Marbella are unable to afford housing in the city due to skyrocketing prices, and Muñoz refuses to declare Marbella a tense area according to the State Housing Law, which could reduce prices.

Criticism Over Land Reclassification

The United Left coordinator criticizes that last week, Muñoz reclassified the land of her residence to increase its value and facilitate its sale. This is the icing on the cake of the boundary case, in which she gave Marbella municipal land to Benahavís, including the plot where her mansion is located.

Morales Expresses Shame Over Muñoz’s Actions

Morales describes the shame that Muñoz makes them feel as unbearable, with all the darkness that surrounds her and her government team. She laments that Marbella is on everyone’s lips for these murky issues, which are difficult for the average citizen to understand, and that it takes them back to the years of GIL corruption.

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