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Headlining the Short Documentary, Antonio Coca Takes You on a Breathtaking Journey Through a Day in Malaga

May 19, 2024
Headlining the Short Documentary, Antonio Coca Takes You on a Breathtaking Journey Through a Day in Malaga - mini1 1716117539 - Local Events and Festivities -

Antonio Coca Stars in “A Day in Malaga”

The Marbella-born actor, Antonio Coca, takes center stage in “A Day in Malaga”, a short documentary film. The film, directed by Álvaro Campoy, tells the story of Emilio Pascula Marcos, who opened the first cinema in the capital of Malaga back in 1907. Now, through the lens of fiction, he reappears in the modern city, which has changed significantly and feels strange to him.

Álvaro Campoy’s Debut Short Film

This is the first short film by Álvaro Campoy, a student at the ‘SchoolTraining’ Film School. The story is inspired by an article by Paco Griñán, which argued that in the 1950s, Malaga had about 90 cinemas. However, with the invention of television and multiplex cinemas, these gradually disappeared. Antonio Coca brings to life Emilio Pascual Marcos, the entrepreneur who opened the first cinema in Malaga in 1907, located in the current Soho Theatre on Cordoba Street.

The Legacy of Cine Pascualini

Cine Pascualini was the venue that hosted the most important premieres at both national and international levels for 30 years, sustained by Emilio’s innovative ideas. In addition to being an experienced businessman, he was also a great lover of cinema and was personally responsible for selecting the films that were screened in the cinema. In 1913, he asked his friend and filmmaker José Gaspar to come and capture the people of Malaga so they could see themselves at the Pascualini. This gave birth to ‘A Day in Malaga’, a work that participated in the Lumière’s everyday documentaries and brought a camera to all the spaces of the Malaga center for the first time.

Emilio Pascual’s Return to Modern Malaga

Álvaro Campoy brings Emilio Pascual back to the present in a journey inspired by footage like the Ministry of Time or Doctor Who. The businessman, portrayed by Antonio Coca, appears in modern Malaga with the mission of bringing the first documentary filmed in Andalusia to its first screening. Confused and lost in a city that is strange to him, Emilio meets Vega, a tour guide who will help him find the place he is looking for to deliver his film. A walk through the city that will change his view of cinema and a new Malaga full of AIRBNBs and tourists.

Filming Underway for Festival Screening

The filming is underway, and the goal is to showcase the short film at the upcoming Spanish Film Festival in Malaga.

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