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“HC Marbella Leads the Way in Treating Digestive Tumors with Electroporation – Discover How!”

April 15, 2024
"HC Marbella Leads the Way in Treating Digestive Tumors with Electroporation - Discover How!" - mini1 1712828841 - Local Events and Festivities -

Introduction of a New Cancer Treatment

The ePore & EndoVe system, a new treatment for gastrointestinal cancer, has been introduced. This endoscopic treatment is based on reversible electroporation, a method that makes tumor tissue extremely porous for several minutes, allowing for increased absorption of specific chemotherapy drugs.

Revolutionary Technique in Cancer Treatment

Electroporation, also known as ePORE, is a groundbreaking technique in the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer. It provides a new pathway to precisely and effectively address solid tumors. This system uses intense electrical pulses to modify cancer cells, creating small perforations in the cell membrane. According to Dr. Victor Aguilar, a specialist in Digestive Apparatus and electroporation therapy, this increases the cell’s permeability and dramatically enhances the absorption of therapeutic agents that can induce the death of the cancer cell.

Precise Tumor Ablation

At the presentation of Mirai Medical’s ePore & EndoVe, organized by Izasa, a technological distributor in the hospital sector, Dr. José Manuel Trigo, director of the Oncology, Research and Innovation Unit, along with his team, attended. Also present were the president of HC Marbella, Dr. Hernán Cortés, and medical specialists from the Digestive Tumors Unit. Simon Ombler, representing Mirai Medical, highlighted the treatment’s precision due to precise tumor ablation, specifically targeting cancer cells and minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues.

Minimal Side Effects and Quick Recovery

According to Dr. Aguilar, this method has minimal side effects, with faster recovery, excellent tumor cytoreduction, and cessation of bleeding and pain. It also presents a lower risk of treatment resistance and a robust immune response in combination with immunotherapy. “It is also an option for patients with digestive tumors who are not candidates for surgery due to various factors, such as tumor location or the patient’s overall health,” detailed Dr. Aguilar.

Effective for Both Advanced and Early Stage Cancers

Performed by highly trained professionals at HC Cancer Center, this procedure offers patients an effective alternative in a variety of situations for both advanced and early stage cancers, especially in obstructive and/or bleeding tumors. When tumors do not respond to other treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, electroporation can be an additional or complementary option to treat cancer. It can be particularly useful in treating tumors that are near vital organs or sensitive areas of the body where other treatments may be riskier.

Option for Controlling Tumor Growth and Improving Quality of Life

In cases where cancer returns after previous treatments, electroporation can be an option to control tumor growth and improve the patient’s quality of life. It is performed with mild sedation and recovery after an electroporation treatment is usually quick. The patient can go home hours after the treatment.

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