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Federico Vallés Champions Women’s Role in Marbella’s Holy Week: A Riveting Revelation!

March 22, 2024
Federico Vallés Champions Women's Role in Marbella's Holy Week: A Riveting Revelation! - mini1 1710626147 - Local Events and Festivities -

Federico Vallés Delivers Emotional Speech to Open Marbella’s Holy Week 2024

Federico Vallés Segarra delivered a heartfelt speech to kick off Marbella’s Holy Week 2024 on Saturday. His speech, which highlighted the role of women in the brotherhoods, was filled with emotion as he recounted the events from Passion Saturday, featuring the new brotherhood of Amargura, to Resurrection Sunday.

Annual Holy Week Proclamation Follows Evening Mass

Following the eight o’clock mass at the Church of the Incarnation, the annual proclamation took place, a weekend event that officially opens this religious celebration. Alongside Vallés, the president of the Brotherhood Association, Francisco Gil, and the parish priest and advisor, José Antonio Sánchez, were present.

Local Authorities Attend the Proclamation

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who was the proclaimer last year, did not attend and delegated the municipal representation to the 2nd deputy mayor, Javier García. Also in attendance were the commissioner of the National Police, José Manuel Rando, the commanding officer of the Marbella Company of the Civil Guard, Juan Jesús Ruiz Espíldora, and the head of the Local Police, Javier Martín.

Marbella’s Brotherhood Community Supports the Proclaimer

The brotherhood community of Marbella turned out in force to support Vallés, who was the elder brother of Pollinica from 2005 to 2011. His friend Miguel García Ruiz introduced him.

Vallés Delivers an Emotional Speech

Vallés delivered a deeply emotional speech that lasted about an hour, providing a splendid overview of Marbella’s Holy Week. He had special words for the Virgin of Amargura, who will process for the first time as a brotherhood on the upcoming Passion Saturday.

Special Mention for Women in the Brotherhoods

Vallés also made a special mention of women, focusing on the brotherhood of Santa Marta, but extending his remarks to all, acknowledging their contributions. He emphasized that women are not just supporters in a brotherhood, but are present and play a leading role.

His Father’s Brotherhood, Pollinica, Features Prominently in the Speech

Vallés’ speech was largely centered on his father’s brotherhood, Pollinica. He shared his childhood dream of one day being under the throne of the brotherhood and recalled the memory of his father leading him in the procession.

Vallés Shares His Brotherhood Experiences

Vallés summed up his brotherhood sentiment in one sentence: “I can tell you the story of my life with an important episode in each brotherhood.” He did just that, recounting from Holy Monday to Good Friday, and concluding on Resurrection Sunday.

Marbella’s Holy Week 2024 Processions Begin Next Saturday

The processions of Marbella’s Holy Week 2024 will begin next Saturday with Amargura, now as a brotherhood, and will continue until the following Sunday, with the exception of Holy Saturday.

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