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Golf In The Sun Society’s Estepona Charity Event Raises €9,500 for Homeless Aid

Surpassing their initial goal of €8,000, organizers Barry and Marie Gill steered the end-of-season festivities at the picturesque El Paraiso Golf Club in Estepona to a heartwarming success.
December 11, 2023

Golf In The Sun Lights Up Lives with Charity Extravaganza for Collective Calling

It was a day marked by the warmth of the sun above and the warmth of generosity at the El Paraiso Golf Club in Estepona, as the Golf In The Sun Society hosted a spectacular charity event that exceeded expectations, raising an incredible 9,500 euros for a cause that touches hearts – helping the homeless in Spain through the tireless efforts of Collective Calling.

The event, meticulously pieced together by organizers Barry and Marie Gill, not only aimed high but soared beyond their 8,000-euro goal, bringing together a community of golf enthusiasts and compassionate souls for an end-of-season event that echoed with laughter, applause, and the clinking of golf clubs.

  • Triumph on the Greens: Amongst the rustling leaves and manicured lawns, it was Simon Van Dessel who emerged victorious, seizing the title in the Golf In The Sun Society’s Spence Clarke Race to South Africa League, a testament to skill and sportsmanship.
  • The Power of Community: The funds, a collection of generosity, were raised through an innovative mix of an auction, with unique and enviable items up for grabs, and raffles that kept everyone on the edge of their seats in anticipation.
  • A Vision for Compassion: The proceeds from the day are earmarked for a transformative project by Collective Calling – turning an ambulance into a groundbreaking sanitary mobile unit with two showers. This unit will enable founders Paul and Gemma Carr to deliver indispensable services to the homeless across the coast, providing not just aid, but also dignity.

In a touching speech, Alan James, CEO of The Experience Group and one of the sponsors, extended heartfelt congratulations to everyone who played, participated, and generously contributed prizes. His words not only recognized the day’s efforts but also echoed the broader impact of such gatherings – a reminder that every swing, every bid, and every raffled ticket was a step towards helping someone in need.

Golf In The Sun Event: Swinging for a Cause Beyond the 18th Green

With the sun setting on a successful event, the Golf In The Sun society and its members walked off the 18th green not just with scorecards, but with a deep sense of contribution to a cause greater than the game – a beacon of hope for those facing the toughest of life’s courses.

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