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Get Ready Marbella! Starlite Job Selection for 1,000 Positions Starts Now! Don’t Miss Out!

May 9, 2024
Countdown to Starlite in Marbella as selection process for 1,000 jobs begins

Starlite Music Festival in Marbella Begins Countdown

The much-anticipated Starlite music festival in Marbella has officially started its countdown. The Palacio de Ferias y Congresos Adolfo Suárez opened its doors on Tuesday, 7th May, to welcome applicants for nearly 1,000 jobs offered by Starlite Occident for its upcoming summer festival in the Costa del Sol town. The selection tests have attracted over 6,000 registrants.

Starlite Occident’s Recruitment Process

Sandra García Sanjuán, founder and CEO of Starlite Occident, explained that the interviews have been divided into time slots to avoid long waiting times. The company will be accepting applications for three days, right up until the last minute. The positions available range from dancers, acrobats, DJs, make-up artists, to waiters, kitchen and production staff.

Creating the Best Festival Experience

Sanjuán emphasized that the company is seeking individuals with enthusiasm and energy who are eager to contribute to the creation of the best festival in history. She stressed that Starlite is not just a festival, but an experience, and the staff play a crucial role in bringing the magic of Starlite to life.

Staff Contribution to the Starlite Experience

The CEO highlighted the importance of each team member, stating that the most valued qualities are desire, energy, and enthusiasm. She explained that the staff’s role extends beyond serving drinks; they are responsible for spreading happiness to festival-goers, even in brief interactions.

Returning Staff and New Applicants

Approximately 70% of the festival’s workers reapply each year to the Starlite selection process. Some, despite having secured long-term jobs, even request vacation time to participate in the unique festival experience. One applicant, a public relations and advertising student, expressed hope for the opportunity to work in such a vibrant environment.

Economic Impact of Starlite Festival

The annual Starlite festival in Marbella generates around 6,500 jobs, contributing to 1% of the employment in the entire Malaga province. According to Sanjuán, the festival’s economic impact on the area amounts to 315 million euros.

New Features and Artist Line-up for Starlite 2024

This year’s festival will feature a larger stage and more powerful, eye-catching lighting systems. While the full line-up of artists is yet to be announced, confirmed performers include Jamie Cullum, Van Morrison, Sheryl Crow, Aitana, Vanesa Martín, Myke Towers, Emilia, Camilo, Keane, The Corrs, Julian Marley & The Uprising, and Christian Nodal, among others.

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