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Don’t Miss Out! Marpoética Festival’s Final Week of Exciting Events Unfolds in Marbella!

April 27, 2024
Don't Miss Out! Marpoética Festival's Final Week of Exciting Events Unfolds in Marbella! - mini1 1713827626 - Local Events and Festivities -

Monday’s Poetic Pairing with Iria Fariñas and Antonio Díaz Mola

The seventh edition of the Marpoética festival in Marbella is entering its final week of activities. After two intense days, during which the city welcomed writers such as Joaquín Pérez Azaústre and Ole Oseguera, as well as scholarship recipients from the Antonio Gala Foundation, the cycle will continue until this coming Thursday.

Antonio Gamoneda to Close the Festival

The closing ceremony will feature the star presence of Cervantes Prize winner Antonio Gamoneda, one of the most significant poets in contemporary Spanish poetry and the last living representative of the fertile generation of the 1950s.

Maridajes Poéticos at La Polaca Bar

The program kicked off today at La Polaca bar with a new session of the ‘Maridajes Poéticos’ cycle, which aims to bring poetry to some of the city’s most well-known hospitality venues. The protagonists of this activity were the verses of Malaga poet Antonio Díaz Mola, who recently won an accésit of the prestigious Adonáis prize, and Madrid’s Iria Fariñas, author of works such as ‘Who Extracted the Bone’ and ‘Scar Noise’.

Dialogues Poéticos at the Hospital Real de la Misericordia

The day will conclude from 7:30 pm at the Hospital Real de la Misericordia with the latest installment of the ‘Dialogues Poéticos’, which will feature Argentine writer Pablo Messiez and Violeta Gil from Segovia as guests. Both closely linked to the world of theater, they will reflect on the stage of the poem and the connections between both literary disciplines.

Book Day Celebrations

This Tuesday, which is Book Day, the festival will continue with one of its most popular educational proposals: the awarding of the School Poetry Contest prizes convened by the festival. Hundreds of primary school students from the town will gather at the Marbella City Theater from 12:00 pm to enjoy this activity, which serves as a promotional event for reading habits and fostering creativity among the youngest.

Visual Artist and Writer Alberto Blanco’s Performance

The day’s program will conclude with a show by Mexican visual artist and writer Alberto Blanco, which will take place at the Hospital Real de la Misericordia from 7:30 pm.

Maridajes Poéticos’ Closing Event

Wednesday will see the closing of the ‘Maridajes Poéticos’, with an initiative that will merge the pleasure of poetry with champagne and oysters. The event will take place at the Central Municipal Market from 1:00 pm and will feature writer Carmen Camacho from Jaén, winner of the Fernando Quiñones Prize among others, and Malaga’s Pedro J. Plaza, winner of the Valparaíso Poetry Prize with his work ‘Matrix’.

Marbella City Theater to Host the Closing Ceremony

The Marbella City Theater will be the venue for the closing ceremony on Thursday, ending two weeks of events attended by more than 40 Spanish and international writers. The event will begin at 8:00 pm and will feature a dialogue between poet and journalist Antonio Lucas and writer Antonio Gamoneda from León.

Nervio Quintet to Provide Musical Closure

As usual, the event will conclude with a musical performance, this time by the Nervio quintet from Córdoba, specializing in the musical adaptation of poems by great authors of Spanish literature. The vocalist and guitarist Francisco Javier Díaz, known as Javi Nervio, leads this proposal, which also includes guitarist Antonio Moreno, double bassist Rafael Moreno, clarinetist Gabriel Luna, and violinist Eles Bellido.

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