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Discover Marbella’s Innovative High-Density Ultrasound Skin Treatment: The Secret to Radiant Skin!

April 29, 2024
Discover Marbella's Innovative High-Density Ultrasound Skin Treatment: The Secret to Radiant Skin! - mini1 1713956154 - Local Events and Festivities -

Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital Introduces High-Density Ultrasound Technique

Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital now offers an innovative facial rejuvenation treatment using high-density ultrasound. This technique stands out from conventional methods due to its effective results and the added benefit of not causing skin damage. According to Dr. Natalia Cárdenas, Head of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit, these benefits provide a significant advantage.

Multiple Advantages of the Ultrasound Treatment

The treatment is based on ultrasound and offers multiple advantages over other techniques. Firstly, it does not use needles, meaning it does not penetrate the skin, cause injuries, or leave visible signs after the treatment. This allows patients to resume normal activities hours after the session. Another important factor is that it can be applied to all skin phototypes, successfully treating both light and tanned skin.

Ultraformer III: An Innovative Technique in Aesthetic Medicine

The treatment referred to by the hospital expert is called Ultraformer III and is currently considered one of the most innovative techniques in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. It is a technology designed to stimulate natural collagen in sagging and elastic skin that has lost firmness. It is based on high-intensity, micro-focused ultrasound (HIFU) that stimulates collagen production through thermal energy in deep layers of the skin and tissue.

Optimal Results in Just 6-8 Weeks

The specialist explains that just 6-8 weeks after the treatment, the result is optimal in skins where skin contraction is achieved, lifting and tightening it non-invasively, improving sagging and allowing the facial contour to be redefined. Ultraformer III has the great advantage of being able to be performed at any time of the year, a highly valued quality in coastal areas like Marbella. It can be applied in the summer months as it has no contraindications with the sun.

Professional Diagnosis is Key

For those considering aesthetic touch-ups but are hesitant to take the step, the specialist advises always consulting a professional expert. The key to this specialty lies in the indication of the appropriate treatment at the right time. It is important to analyze how each face ages, in her case, she likes to establish long-term objectives. She believes that prevention is better than cure.

Differentiating Factor of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit

According to the doctor, the differentiating factor of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit at Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital is the patient care and the professionalism of the entire team, as well as their commitment to the concept of responsible Aesthetic Medicine. The typical patient who consults with Dr. Cárdenas is a woman, between 40 and 50 years old, seeking guidance on the most suitable treatment to mitigate the appearance of the first signs of aging. Common concerns include incipient sagging, skin quality, or signs of fatigue. The specialist points out that there is no single treatment that can combat each problem, but success usually comes from the combination of treatments that best suit each patient’s needs.

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