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“Shocking Escape on Two Wheels: Marbella Restaurant Scene of Daring Shootout!”

March 22, 2024
"Shocking Escape on Two Wheels: Marbella Restaurant Scene of Daring Shootout!" - tiroteo202 U60320147747cch - Crime -

Investigation Underway Following Marbella Shooting Incident

The National Police are currently probing into a shooting incident that occurred in Marbella on Monday, 11th March. Reports suggest that at least two individuals opened fire at a restaurant situated on Avenida Nueva Andalucía, resulting in significant damage to the establishment’s window. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported from the incident.

Police Respond to Shooting Tip-off

Upon receiving information about the shooting, both Local and National police officers were quick to arrive at the scene. The incident reportedly took place around half past twelve. In the aftermath of this latest firearms incident in the Costa del Sol town, several shell casings were discovered on the premises.

Scene of the Crime: Bullet Impacts and Shattered Glass

Photographs taken at the scene reveal at least five bullet impacts on the window of the affected business, along with a portion of the window that was shattered. Eyewitnesses reportedly informed the officers that the culprits were two individuals who made their escape on a large motorbike after the shots were fired.

Previous Shooting Incident in Marbella

This incident comes just a month after a young man was rushed to the Costa del Sol hospital following a shooting in the middle of the street, also in Marbella. The previous incident occurred shortly after eleven o’clock at night on Saturday, 10th February, once again in the Nueva Andalucía area. The victim sustained two gunshot wounds, one in an arm and another in the leg. He was stabilized at the scene by medical staff and subsequently transported to the Costa del Sol hospital.

National Police Take Charge of Investigation

The National Police force of Spain has taken over the investigation. According to eyewitness accounts, two individuals emerged from a car, one of whom shot the victim. Both individuals then made their escape in the same vehicle.

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