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Sensational Marbella Scandal: Phony Shaman Dupes Women into Harrowing Life of Prostitution, Police Crack

March 22, 2024
Sensational Marbella Scandal: Phony Shaman Dupes Women into Harrowing Life of Prostitution, Police Crack - pol1 U13607866513oAV - Crime -

Alleged Shaman Arrested for Human Trafficking in Marbella

A man claiming to be a shaman has been apprehended on charges of recruiting vulnerable women, lacking official documentation, into prostitution in Marbella. The woman alleged to have managed the brothel where these women were exploited was also taken into custody in El Ejido, Almería province, Andalucía.

Cuban-Origin Suspect Lured South American Women with False Promises

The male suspect, of Cuban descent, is reported to have met the women, primarily young and South American, in Marbella. He gained their trust by promising them employment opportunities in Almeria. However, the arrested man was allegedly a pimp, and at least 13 women discovered they had been hired to work as prostitutes, as per the investigators.

Victims Forced into Prostitution in Prison-Like Conditions

Upon arrival, the women were confined in an apartment that served as a brothel, where they were coerced into prostitution. They were subjected to prison-like conditions, being forced to remain in the premises 24/7 and always available for clients, according to the police. The suspect allegedly threatened to harm them or their families through esoteric rituals if they resisted.

Strict Surveillance and Control Over Victims

The arrested woman is accused of subjecting the victims to stringent control, including visual surveillance and an audio system for issuing instructions in her absence. The victims were not allowed to refuse clients who demanded sex, even those who wished to engage in unprotected sex, as per the investigators.

Victims Endured Harsh Conditions Out of Desperation

The 13 women working at the brothel were forced to take turns sleeping on a few sofas, while the rooms were reserved for sex. One victim confessed to enduring the appalling conditions to avoid returning to her home country, where she faced persecution due to her sexual orientation. Some were so desperate to escape that they contemplated accepting “offers” from clients who proposed accommodation in exchange for sexual servitude.

Victims Placed Under Institutional Protection

The victims have been placed under various institutional protection services to assist them in starting anew.

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