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Concepción Reservoir Hits Nine-Month High: A Spectacular Sight You Can’t Miss!

April 11, 2024
Concepción Reservoir Hits Nine-Month High: A Spectacular Sight You Can't Miss! - mini1 1712493142 - Local Events and Festivities -

Concepción Reservoir Dam Sees Water Levels Rise

A week after the latest rainfall, the Concepción reservoir has gained 10 cubic hectometers of water, with the dammed water now exceeding 66%, the highest level since July 2023. This provides some relief to the existing situation, but it is not the definitive solution. Further decisions from the Board are awaited.

Improving Conditions at the Concepción Reservoir

The situation at the Concepción reservoir, which serves Marbella, continues to improve as expected, a week after the end of the rains with the latest storms. The runoff has caused the reserves to continue to increase, alleviating the severe drought and water shortage a bit more. This Sunday, the reservoir is at 66.13% capacity, a level not reached since July of last year.

Water Reserves Continue to Increase

There are 38.05 accumulated cubic hectometers, ten more than just a week ago, according to data provided by the Hidrosur Network. Despite the improvement, another eight hectometers would be needed to reach the level that was there at this time last year (46.10 hm3) and that provided guarantees for the summer. The relief is evident, but it is not the definitive solution, so more rain is needed.

Restrictions Remain Despite Improvement

Restrictions remain in place, awaiting new decisions to be made by the Board, which has already decided to allow the filling of pools in hotels. There is currently no further forecast of rain on the horizon, so caution must continue to be exercised despite the improved data.

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