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Catch the Thrilling Afternoon Showdown as Marbella FC Takes on Cádiz Mirandilla!

February 13, 2024
Catch the Thrilling Afternoon Showdown as Marbella FC Takes on Cádiz Mirandilla! - mini1 1707823988 - Local Events and Festivities - Marbella FC Takes on Cádiz Mirandilla

Marbella FC Returns to Evening Schedule This Sunday

Marbella FC will return to playing in the evening schedule in the match against Cádiz Mirandilla this coming Sunday. The white team will play on Sunday starting at 4:00 PM against the Cádiz subsidiary.

Team Resumes Training After Nearly Two Months

In addition, Fran Beltrán’s pupils will return to training this week, almost two months later, at La Dama de Noche. Marbella FC will play in the evening schedule again in the next round.

Match Details Announced for Upcoming Sunday

The white entity has announced the schedule for this Sunday in which they will face Cádiz Mirandilla at La Dama de Noche. The match between Marbella and Cádiz will start at 4:00 PM, thus returning to the evening schedule after two months of playing their home matches in the morning schedule.

Return to Evening Schedule Due to Lack of Artificial Lighting

The lack of artificial lighting at the La Dama de Noche facilities made the option of playing in the afternoon during the season unfeasible, but on this occasion, they have opted to return to the evening schedule.

Marbella FC to Resume Training at Home Ground

This is not the only novelty for Marbella this week; the Marbella team will also return to training at La Dama de Noche. In recent press conferences, coach Fran Beltrán regretted feeling like a visitor on his own field as he has not been able to train on it for several weeks.

Training Schedule for the Week

Thus, Marbella will train on their field this Wednesday and Saturday before the match. The rest of the week will distribute the training between Arroyo Primero, Alhaurín, and Coín.

Marbella FC Aims to Break Three-Match Draw Streak

The whites will thus try to prepare the match as best as possible to break the current streak of three consecutive draws, exactly the same results that the Cádiz subsidiary has achieved in the last three league rounds.

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