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Breaking News: Marbella Announces the Spectacular Second Spring Festival Against Cancer!

March 22, 2024
Breaking News: Marbella Announces the Spectacular Second Spring Festival Against Cancer! - mini1 1711036294 - Local Events and Festivities -

Spring Festival Against Cancer in Marbella Unveiled

The president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Marbella, Santiago Gómez-Villares, has unveiled the second edition of the Spring Festival. This charitable event will take place on April 20th at the Volare nightclub, from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, featuring Kike Supermix and Los Electroduendes.

Third Most Important Event in Cancer Prevention Campaign

This event is the third most significant, following the Gala Dinner in August and the Pink Tide in November, as part of the breast cancer prevention campaign. DJ Kike Supermix, one of the artists participating in the festival and a regular collaborator with the Marbella branch, also attended the presentation.

Local Association Against Cancer Representatives Attend Presentation

From the local branch of the Spanish Association Against Cancer, Vice President Setareh Mohregi and Javier Muñiz, a volunteer representative of the Local Council of Marbella, were also present. The president of the local branch in Marbella emphasized that this year’s goal is to consolidate what was achieved in the first edition and continue reaching out to a younger audience.

Appeal to Younger Audience and Potential Sponsors

“This year’s party will feature many surprises and the best music from the 80s-90s at a very affordable price,” he said. “We believe it’s a good way for younger people to learn about the work the Association does, become aware of the importance of prevention at an earlier age, and get involved with us, either as volunteers or members,” Gómez-Villares pointed out. He also called on all Marbella businesses that want to join as sponsors. They can do so at a very reduced price just by contacting us,” he added.

80s Themed Party with Live Music and DJ

An 80s themed party has been organized with the participation of Los Electroduendes, who will perform live versions of the main songs of the era, and DJ Kike Supermix, who will play the best hits from the 80s-90s. Companies like Rives non-alcoholic and Victoria 0.0 Beer have also joined to show their support for the work done by the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Marbella.

Spring Festival Details

The Spring Festival will have a capacity for 700 people and an entry price of 40 euros, including one drink. The organization has planned various surprises throughout the day and a raffle with extraordinary gifts that can be won by purchasing tickets for 5 euros. Tickets are already on sale at the AECC Marbella headquarters at 5 Mar Avenue.

Spanish Association Against Cancer in Marbella

With the goal of achieving a 70% survival rate by 2030, the main objective of the Spanish Association Against Cancer, in addition to supporting the patient and their families, is to work on aspects such as prevention, research, and early detection, as it improves the prognosis of 30% of cancer cases. According to experts, just by exercising, having a good diet, and healthy lifestyle habits, the risk of developing cancer is reduced by 40 to 50%.

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