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Breaking News: Anticipated April Full Session in Marbella Postponed to This Friday! Don’t Miss It!

May 8, 2024
Breaking News: Anticipated April Full Session in Marbella Postponed to This Friday! Don't Miss It! - mini1 1715122719 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella City Council’s Transition to New Electronic Platform Causes Delays

The Marbella City Council’s transition to a new electronic platform, replacing the previous ‘Help’ system with a new one called ‘Gestiona’, has caused various setbacks. Notably, the regular council meeting that usually takes place on the last Friday of each month could not be held in April and has been rescheduled for Friday, May 10th.

70% Completion of the New System Implementation

Municipal spokesperson, Félix Romero, has stated that the digital transformation of the institution is still only 70% complete. He explained that so far, the migration of more than 400,000 files and the data of 135,000 third parties, including individuals and entities that have made a request, has been carried out.

150 Administrative Procedures Fully Automated

A total of 150 administrative procedures that are regularly carried out have been fully automated. Romero, who reported on the transition to the Gestiona tool at the Local Government Board meeting, stated that this is ultimately a commitment to transparency and security in administration.

New Platform to Enhance Transparency and Accountability

According to Romero, the new platform will allow each citizen to know which municipal official is handling their procedure and to track the status of their request at any time. He emphasized that this will ensure that no procedure fails to reach its conclusion, whether it results in the completion of the procedure or its denial.

Complex Migration Process Causes Delays

The complexity of the migration process to the new system has necessitated the postponement of the regular April council meeting to May 10th.

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