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Breaking News: Angel Trinidad from San Pedro Officially Signs with Club Voleibol Guaguas!

May 15, 2024
Breaking News: Angel Trinidad from San Pedro Officially Signs with Club Voleibol Guaguas! - mini1 1715686074 - Local Events and Festivities -

Ángel Trinidad to Play in Superliga Next Season

Ángel Trinidad has a new destination for the upcoming season. The Club Voleibol Guaguas has secured the services of the Sampedreño setter, who is returning to the Superliga after his journey through various European competitions.

Trinidad Signs with Club Voleibol Guaguas for Two Seasons

Trinidad, who played last season at Gioiella Prisma Taranto, has signed for the next two seasons. The Club Voleibol Guaguas has acquired the services of setter Ángel Trinidad for the next two seasons. The Sampedreño setter arrives from Gioiella Prisma Taranto in Italy.

Club Voleibol Guaguas Strengthens Squad with Trinidad

The sports management has incorporated Ángel Trinidad to strengthen the squad and gain balance. The 31-year-old setter, who is 1.95m tall, returns to Spain after more than a decade competing at the highest level outside our borders.

Spanish Team Captain Adds Quality and Experience to the Squad

With the signing of the captain of the Spanish team, the squad of Sergio Miguel Camarero continues to add quality and experience. There were several reasons that made him sign for CV Guaguas: The first is the sports project, which has been growing for several years and has seen how well they are doing things with the performance in the Champions, and on a personal level, returning to live in Spain after 11 years playing abroad. Guaguas met the two conditions that mattered most to him.

Trinidad’s Individual Contribution to the Team

Regarding his individual contribution, he points out that: From the season I cannot give a specific forecast of what we expect, but work day by day, in Spain continue fighting for all the titles, as the club has done so far this year, and in Europe we have to do a good job to represent Spanish volleyball. I hope to contribute all the experience that I have been accumulating all these years in foreign leagues, and help the team in everything they need, the club to Canarias and Spanish volleyball.

Trinidad’s Successful Career in Europe

Coming from Gioiella Prisma Taranto, Trinidad has achieved successes in Germany, Poland, France, Belgium.

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