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“Breaking: Malaga Council Insists on Halting AP-7 Toll Road! Awaits Spanish Government’s Intervention on

March 22, 2024
"Breaking: Malaga Council Insists on Halting AP-7 Toll Road! Awaits Spanish Government's Intervention on - spain toll road - Local Events and Festivities -

Unprecedented Political Unity for Andalusian Rail Link

In an unusual display of political solidarity, the Socialist Party (PSOE) and the conservative Partido Popular (PP) jointly voted on Wednesday in Malaga. The vote was to urge the central government to pledge to construct a railway link along the Andalusian coast.

Provincial Council Passes Motion for Rail Infrastructure

The Provincial Council passed the motion, which also urged the Socialist-led administration in Madrid to temporarily halt toll charges on the Costa del Sol AP-7 motorway. This suspension is to last until the train reaches Marbella and Estepona, as per Spanish press reports. The approved motion text urges the central government to utilize all its capacity to implement rail infrastructure that connects the most-populated towns of the Costa del Sol and reach the Campo de Gibraltar.

Current Train Line Insufficient for Local Transport Needs

The existing Cercanias train line between Malaga and Fuengirola is deemed inadequate for the transport needs of local residents. This insufficiency contributes to regular traffic issues on the roads. The motion received support from not only the PSOE and PP, who are traditionally political adversaries, but also from far-right Vox and local leftist bloc Con Malaga.

Call for Explanation on Coastal Train Studies

The motion also urges the central government to clarify what happened with the €8.4 million budgeted over the last decade for studies about the coastal train. It also calls for a more current study on the rail link. The vote was proposed by the PP following comments made earlier this month by the secretary of state for transport, Jose Antonio Santano. He stated at an event in Malaga that the central government currently lacks information that would allow for short-term progress towards a Costa del Sol train.

Provincial Council Advocates for Toll Suspension on AP-7 Motorway

The Provincial Council of Malaga wants tolls suspended on the AP-7 motorway. Francisco Salado of the PP, the president of the Provincial Council, stated after the vote that it was a significant day for Malaga province. He added that all political groups have been responsible for urging the Spanish government to address one of the major problems in Malaga province, which is mobility.

PSOE Pledges Support for Malaga’s Best Interests

The PSOE spokesperson in the Provincial Council, Josele Gonzalez, stated that his party will always defend and support what’s best for Malaga, regardless of who is in power in Madrid. Among Spain’s 50 provinces, there are 38 Provincial Councils. These branches of Spain’s administration are responsible for providing administrative support to the local councils in the municipalities that comprise the province.

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