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Breaking: Iconic Easter Processions in Marbella and San Pedro Called Off!

April 6, 2024
Breaking: Iconic Easter Processions in Marbella and San Pedro Called Off! - mini1 1711840126 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella’s Easter Processions Cancelled Due to Bad Weather

The Resurrected of Marbella (iz) and that of San Pedro Alcántara will not be held this Sunday. As anticipated due to poor weather conditions, Marbella’s Holy Week will conclude this Sunday without processions. The rain has led to the cancellation of the Resurrected procession from the Church of the Incarnation and also that of San Pedro Alcántara on Saturday. Internal events will be held to conclude this religious celebration.

No Processions on Holy Saturday in Marbella

Holy Saturday in Marbella was without processions, so there was no need for any cancellations, which would have been mandatory as it rained for most of the day. The expectations were also very poor for Resurrection Sunday and in the end, the worst predictions came true.

First to React: Marbella’s Brotherhood Association

The first to react was the Brotherhood Association of Marbella, which organizes the procession of the Resurrected Christ every year. They cancelled a day earlier “based on weather forecasts and in order to safeguard the heritage of the brotherhoods and the safety of the brothers”. After the 10:00 mass at the Church of the Incarnation, a “small act within the parish” will be held. This is a procession that has carried three thrones since 2022 when San Juan Evangelista was added, from the Brotherhood of Christ of Love.

Same Decision in San Pedro Alcántara

The same decision was made in San Pedro Alcántara shortly after for the procession that was scheduled to start at 12:00 from the parish. In this case, it was the Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazarene and the Virgin of Solitude that cancelled the parade. The reason for this “painful decision” was the “atmospheric instability, with possible showers during the penance station”. The Most Holy Resurrected Christ will be exposed on the altar of the church and at the time when the procession would have started, a concert of marches will be given by the Musical Group San Lorenzo Martyr of Malaga. This is the band that would have accompanied the procession if it had gone out on the streets of San Pedro Alcántara.

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