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Atletico Marbella Paraiso’s Champion Comeback Stuns Campillos in a Thrilling 5-2

March 22, 2024
Atletico Marbella Paraiso's Champion Comeback Stuns Campillos in a Thrilling 5-2 - mini1 1707296369 - Local Events and Festivities -

Atlético Marbella Paraíso Celebrates Victory

Atlético Marbella Paraíso celebrated a triumphant goal this weekend, securing a victory that champions are made of. The Marbella team managed to turn around a match that was initially challenging, especially when Campillos took the lead twice.

Challenging Start for Atlético Marbella Paraíso

The match didn’t start well for the white-and-blue team. Campillos effectively pressured the ball’s exit from Serafín Gil’s team, making it difficult to create dangerous actions in the visitor’s area. In the 8th minute, a long ball from the Campillos team was not cleared by Brayan, and Gabri took advantage from the left to assist his teammate Rafa, who easily beat Nono (0-1).

Atlético Marbella Paraíso’s Attempt to Equalize

Atlético Marbella Paraíso quickly tried to equalize the score. Cham served a long ball to Fallou who couldn’t overcome the rival goalkeeper. Shortly after, Campillos almost scored their second goal with a shot from midfield that nearly surprised Nono.

Second Half Comeback

The second half started with the white-and-blue team equalizing. Serafín Gil introduced Zoilo, Aaron, and top scorer Sergio Martín from the start, and it was Zoilo and Sergio Martín who were the protagonists of the tie in the barely 90 seconds that had passed since the restart.

Victory for Atlético Marbella Paraíso

The joy was short-lived as Campillos took the lead again in the 53rd minute. However, Atlético Marbella reacted quickly and decisively to the visitor’s goal. First Juli (min.58), after a direct free kick, and then Sergio Martín (min.61), after a pass from Kevin, turned the score around to make it 3-2.

Atlético Marbella Paraíso Maintains Leadership

With the score in their favor, everything was easier for the home team who controlled the game without fearing a visitor’s reaction. Atlético Marbella, with this new victory, adds 47 points to their tally, remains unbeatable as a local team, and stays at the top of the standings with a 4-point lead over their closest pursuers.

Upcoming Match

Next Saturday (18:00h), Atlético Marbella Paraíso will travel to the field of CD Llano Perchel in what will be the 19th league match in Primera Andaluza Málaga.

Match Details

Atlético Marbella Paraíso: Nono, Lucas, Fran, Fallou, Cham, Vergara, Brayan, Tabi, Juli, Jeremy, and Kevin. Substitutes: Raúl, Otero, Sergio Martín, Pedro Paulo, Aarón, Zoilo, and TJ. CD Campillos: José Antonio, Llamas, Rubén Perales, Pablo, Javi Ramos, Diego, Juanillo, Yeray Mellado, Juanma, Gabri, and Rafa. Substitutes: Luna, Borja, Parra, and Vela. Referee: Gutiérrez Ramírez. Yellow cards for the visitors: Ángel Amaya, Rubén Perales, Berni Naranjo, Yeray Mellado. Goals: 0-1, min. 9: Rafa. 1-1, min. 47: Sergio Martín. 1-2, min. 53: Llamas. 2-2, min. 58: Sergio Martín. 3-2, min. 61: Juli. 4-2, min. 73: Juli. 5-2, min. 86: Juli. Field: Polideportivo Santa María de Las Chapas.

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