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Aitor Puñal Secures Three Points in the Thrilling Moñi-M24H Trophy Match!

April 9, 2024
Aitor Puñal Secures Three Points in the Thrilling Moñi-M24H Trophy Match! - mini1 1712069185 - Local Events and Festivities -

Aitor Puñal Earns Three Points in Moñi-Marbella24Horas Trophy

Aitor Puñal was the standout player for Marbella FC in their victory over San Roque de Lepe this matchday. His offensive contribution as a midfielder was crucial in securing the three points at home. He scored the first goal of the match and assisted in the second, earning him the three points in the Moñi-Marbella24Horas Trophy.

Marbella FC Secures Important Victory

Marbella FC achieved a significant win last Saturday against San Roque de Lepe. This victory solidifies Fran Beltran’s team in the third position in the standings with only five matchdays left. Aitor Puñal’s contribution was key to the victory over the Huelva team.

Aitor Puñal: A Versatile Player

The Madrid-born footballer has proven on numerous occasions that he is a versatile player capable of performing perfectly in any position on the field. Against San Roque, he once again played in the center and showcased all his skills. In the first half, he demonstrated his excellent game reading ability and his capacity to head a center from Ohemeng, putting the 1-0 on the scoreboard.

Puñal’s Second Half Performance

In the second half, Puñal showcased his game vision by delivering a great ball into space that allowed Dago to score the second goal for the Whites. In addition to his contribution to the goals, his work ethic and sacrifice must be acknowledged. For all these reasons, Aitor Puñal earns the three points in the Salvador Gil Machuca “Moñi” – Marbella24Horas Trophy this matchday, which rewards the best player of Marbella FC each season.

Other Notable Performances

This matchday’s two points go to Jacques Dago. The Ivorian may not have been as effective as last season, but since his arrival, he has earned a place in the team due to his significant contribution when playing with his back to the goal. This week, he added a new goal, his second since his return, with a great move into space and a true crack’s finish.

The last point goes to Ernest Ohemeng, who was phenomenal in attack and diligent in defense. He assisted the first goal, and the visiting team couldn’t stop him in the first half. In the second half, he focused more on defensive tasks. After a good recovery, his pass error led to the visitor’s goal, a mistake that should not overshadow his good performance.

Current Standings in Moñi-Marbella24Horas Trophy

Alberto Lejárraga leads the general classification of the Moñi-Marbella24Horas Trophy with 28 points, followed by Ohemeng with 20 points and Aitor Puñal with 18 points.

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