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After Nine-Year Hiatus, Bullfighting Returns to Marbella this June: A Comeback You Can’t Miss!

May 14, 2024
After Nine-Year Hiatus, Bullfighting Returns to Marbella this June: A Comeback You Can't Miss! - mini1 1715685079 - Local Events and Festivities -

Bullfighting Returns to Marbella After Nine Years

The first bullfight in Marbella in nine years has been announced. The city will revive bullfighting next June, coinciding with the San Bernabé Fair, nine years after the last event. The lineup was unveiled on Tuesday, featuring Morante de la Puebla, José María Manzanares, and Roca Rey. The bullring, owned by the City Council, has been rented out to a union of three companies.

Last Bullfight in Marbella Held in 2015

The last bullfight in Marbella took place in June 2015, and nine years later, in June 2024, bullfighting shows will be revived. The City Council unveiled the lineup this morning, marking the start of what has been termed the “reopening” of the municipal bullring.

Event Scheduled for June 8

The event will take place on June 8 at 7:30 pm, featuring bullfighters Morante de la Puebla, José María Manzanares, and Roca Rey. The lineup has been described as “glittering” to revive activity in the Marbella bullring, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Six ranches will participate: Juan Pedro Domecq, Carlos Núñez, Garcigrande, Santiago Domecq, El Freixo, and Álvaro Núñez.

Three Business Groups Join Forces

Three business groups have joined under the name Arenal Marbella Toros to organize this bullfight and two more in August. Leading this business initiative are Raúl Gracia “El Tato”, Fermín Bohorquez, and Jorge Cutiño. According to the Councilor for Festivities, Yolanda Marín, the agreement is for this year, but she has not ruled out extending it.

City Council to Manage the Bullring

When asked if the management of the bullring will be put out to public tender, Marín said that the City Council will manage it and will rent it out for events. Former bullfighter and rancher Fermín Bohorquez highlighted that he has formed a business group, which also includes former bullfighter Miguel Báez “Litri”, to “contribute to the world of bullfighting”.

Reviving Marbella’s Bullring

“We wanted to revive bullrings like the one in Marbella,” Bohorquez said, explaining why he joined this initiative. Raúl Gracia “El Tato”, a former bullfighter and businessman, said he joined with “the desire to revive events as important as bullfighting”. Jorge Cutiño, a bullfighter’s manager, said that “enthusiasm is the central axis of this project” in which this group of businessmen wants to make Marbella “the bullfighting axis of the Costa del Sol”.

Arenal Marbella Plans Open Day

Arenal Marbella plans to organize an open day, which has not yet been scheduled. The last bullfighting shows in the Marbella bullring were held in June 2015, so they are being revived nine years later.

Marbella Joins Network of Bullfighting Municipalities

Marbella is one of the five towns in the province of Málaga that have joined the Network of Bullfighting Municipalities of Andalusia (REMTA). Also part of it today are Benalmádena, Gaucín, Montecorto, and Villanueva del Rosario. Joining this group was a proposal made by Vox last September and approved by the PP government team.

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