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Unbelievable! Marbella Resident’s Car Crash Turns Heads, Culprit Vanishes Post Mishap!

May 31, 2024

Unprecedented Noise Startles Marbella Residents

On a seemingly ordinary Friday afternoon, the peace in Marbella was shattered by a deafening noise. The sound was so loud that it prompted several local residents to leave their homes to investigate the source. What they discovered was a shocking sight – an empty car, its front end deeply embedded in the wall of a local housing development.

Driver Flees After Crashing into Residential Complex

The driver of the vehicle had apparently abandoned the scene following the accident. The incident took place on Calle Las Azaleas, situated in the Nueva Andalucía area. The collision resulted in substantial damage to a portion of the facade of the impacted residential complex, known as the Urbanización Andalucía Garden Club. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries.

Emergency Services Alerted by Vehicle’s eCall System

The first call to emergency services was received after 8pm. Interestingly, it was the vehicle itself that alerted the 112 operators through the eCall system. This system, installed in the car, automatically notifies emergency services in the event of an accident.

Grey Ford Puma Attracts Attention of Passers-by

The unusual scene quickly drew the attention of passers-by. Emergency workers continued to receive reports from witnesses who had seen the grey Ford Puma crashing through the wall. Local Police and ambulance services were also activated as a precautionary measure.

Driver Suspected of Speeding, Alcohol Involvement Unclear

Upon arrival at the scene, police officers confirmed that the driver had fled, leaving the vehicle behind. Preliminary investigations suggest that the accident may have been caused by speeding, resulting in the car veering off the road. However, it was not possible to determine whether the driver was over the alcohol limit, as they were not present at the scene.

Firefighters Respond to Damaged Sewage System

Firefighters from Marbella were also dispatched to the residential complex. The impact of the crash had damaged the sewage system, necessitating their intervention to stop the leakage.

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