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“Miraculous Rescue! Stranded Foreign Adventurer Saved from Treacherous Marbella Ravine!”

June 24, 2024
Lost foreign hiker rescued from difficult-to-access ravine near Marbella

Young Dutch Hiker Rescued in Difficult Terrain Near Marbella

On Friday, 14th June, a young hiker from the Netherlands was successfully rescued by the Guardia Civil in the municipality of Istán, near Marbella, in the province of Malaga. The hiker had lost his way and was found in a challenging location that was hard to reach.

Guardia Civil Launches Swift Rescue Operation

Upon receiving a tip-off about the lost hiker, the Guardia Civil immediately initiated a rescue operation. The mountain rescue team from Álora and a force helicopter from Granada were deployed for the mission. The quick response ensured that the hiker was located without delay.

Rescue in a Ravine: Hiker Found in Treacherous Conditions

The Guardia Civil reported that the young man was found in a ravine, an area characterized by its difficult access and steep slopes. Despite the challenging conditions, the officers were able to safely rescue the hiker. The successful operation underscores the readiness and efficiency of the Guardia Civil in responding to emergency situations.

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