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Marbella Inferno: Fire Turns 14 Vehicles into Ash in Dramatic Outdoor Parking Garage Blaze!

December 31, 2023
Marbella Inferno

Marbella City Witnesses Massive Car Blaze

In a shocking incident, 14 vehicles were completely destroyed in a fire that broke out in the city of Marbella. The incident occurred last night and fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Fire Breaks Out in Outdoor Garage

The fire reportedly started around 3.30am in an outdoor garage located on Rio Danubio street in Nueva Andalucia. The local Spanish press was quick to report the incident.

Emergency Services Rush to the Scene

Upon receiving a call on the 112 emergency number, local police and firefighters were immediately dispatched to the scene. The cause of the fire remains unknown as of Sunday.

Fire Destroys Cars and Nearby Hedge

The fire not only destroyed 14 cars parked in the garage but also a hedge by the adjacent building. However, no property damage was reported.

Aftermath Video Reveals Damaged Vehicles with Lithuanian Licence Plates

A video of the aftermath, shared by the Marbella Se Queja Instagram page, revealed that the surviving vehicles and some of those damaged by the fire had Lithuanian licence plates.

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In related news, a family cat was reportedly stolen from her doorstep by an unidentified individual in Marbella. In another incident, a 70-year-old British expat was killed in a head-on collision after his motorbike was knocked into the wrong lane by a van. The city has also seen a drop in sales at luxury fashion stores in Puerto Banus, with ‘cheap’ tourists, crime, and ‘prostitution’ being blamed.

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