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Unveiling Spain’s Unexpected Culinary Paradise: A Foodie’s Dream Destination Unearthed!

December 31, 2023
Unveiling Spain's Unexpected Culinary Paradise: A Foodie's Dream Destination Unearthed! - sauvage chefs scaled 1 - Food and Gastronomy -

Unveiling Andalucia’s Hidden Culinary Gems

A decade ago, while researching for a restaurant book on Andalucia, I discovered some hidden culinary gems nestled in the smallest inland villages across the region. However, the real dining secret of Andalucia is that Marbella is the region’s ultimate Foodie Capital. Despite the larger tourist populations and local communities in Malaga, Sevilla, or Granada, Marbella offered the best variety and quality of dining options.

Marbella: The Foodie Capital

Marbella’s status as the Foodie Capital is not a mere coincidence. The resort town of 150,000 inhabitants boasts the second highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain, per capita, after San Sebastian. With five Michelin-starred eateries, Marbella also has the same number of references (14) in the famous guide as Sevilla and one more than Malaga. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg as there are about a dozen more exceptional places vying for a spot in the renowned French food guide.

Marbella’s Prestigious ‘Soles’

Eight of Marbella’s restaurants also hold the prestigious ‘soles’ (suns) from Repsol’s Spanish equivalent, with El Lago boasting two. As a long-time visitor and now a resident near the resort, my personal favourites include Ta-kumi and El Lago, which have consistently delivered. Other noteworthy mentions include the soul food at Gaspar, run by a young lawyer Carlota, and the intriguing Kava, where the chef, Fernando, is also a lawyer and entirely self-taught.

Italian Fare and Golden Mile Glamour

Casa Tua, run by an Irish expat and her Italian partner, has been serving up enchanting Italian cuisine for a decade. Meanwhile, the Boho Club, located on the glamorous Golden Mile, is the epitome of style with the former chef of El Lago, Diego del Rio, at the helm and fast heading for its first star. The Golden Mile also houses the Puente Romano hotel’s famous La Plaza restaurant zone, offering a wide variety of dining options in one place.

New and Exciting Culinary Experiences

For something new and exciting this year, Sauvage, located in the heart of town and run by two former Marbella Club chefs, is a must-visit. Another promising spot is Nomad, the latest creation of the talented Metro Group, which has just opened in Nueva Andalucia. Their launch chef Alex Craciun, is the executive chef of the UK’s leading Jason Atherton group.

Beach Clubs and Old Town Delights

For beach clubs, Bono Beach is a surefire winner, particularly for its exceptional attention to detail and client care. In the old town, Candela, with German chef Andy at the helm, is a good tip, while Casanis is a great spot, and Altamirano comes highly recommended by most.

Marbella’s Most Successful Restaurant

La Sala, not even 15 years old, is probably Marbella’s most successful restaurant of the last decade. The food is not just excellent value for its location, but the menu changes regularly and there is always some entertainment.

Dani Garcia: The Man Who Put Marbella on the Map

Finally, it’s worth mentioning Dani Garcia, a local Marbella man, who played a significant role in putting Marbella on the culinary map, especially a few years ago when he won his third Michelin star at his Puente Romano joint.

Showbiz Chefs and Star-Spotting in Marbella

Marbella is the place to go star-spotting, particularly in the summer months with Ronaldo, Robert de Niro and Michelle Obama all visiting for a meal over recent years. But the most exciting visitors are the actual chefs themselves, who regularly come down for holidays, but also for a string of key events.

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