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“Unveiling Marbella’s Stunning Transformation: How Spain’s Costa del Sol Recovers from Recent Storm Fury!”

December 31, 2023
"Unveiling Marbella's Stunning Transformation: How Spain's Costa del Sol Recovers from Recent Storm Fury!" - - Environmental and Conservation Efforts -

Marbella Beaches Suffer €670,000 Damage from Recent Storms

The Costa del Sol has been hit by severe storms in recent days, causing an estimated €670,000 worth of damage to the beaches in Marbella alone. The local council has calculated this substantial repair bill and is working quickly to clean up the area before the busy Easter holidays.

Tourism Impact of the Storms

Marbella is a popular beach town that attracts a large number of tourists during Semana Santa. The holiday week is crucial for the local economy. The public works councillor, Diego Lopez, stated that repairs are needed across all Marbella’s beaches. These include Casablanca, La Fontanilla, El Faro, La Venus, San Pedro Alcantara, and Nueva Andalucía.

Extent of the Damage

Lopez revealed in a press conference that the beaches and seafront have been heavily damaged by the storm. Authorities confirmed that around 7,000 metres of electrical circuits have been damaged. Additionally, some 10,000 meters of paving along the seafront suffered damage due to the high waves.

Infrastructure Repairs Needed

At least 12 public toilet blocks and changing rooms, located along the beachfronts, will also need to be repaired. Replacement sand will have to be brought in to replenish the beaches. Despite the efforts to have the resort ready by Easter, Lopez warned that Spain’s transport strike could cause problems with the delivery of materials.

Other Weather-Related Incidents in Spain

This incident follows other weather-related events in Spain, including floods in Marbella that turned roads into rivers after heavy rains, and the staining of Spain’s ‘white villages’ due to Sahara sandstorms. The sky across Spain turned orange and dust fell from the Sahara, causing significant clean-up efforts.

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