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Revolutionary Upgrade Begins on Marbella Road: A Promising Solution to Infamous Sewage Problems!

December 31, 2023
Revolutionary Upgrade Begins on Marbella Road: A Promising Solution to Infamous Sewage Problems! - sierra blanca calle rt9y6domrgm9t5mdtrkfqmn 624x385diario sur - Environmental and Conservation Efforts -

Marbella’s Calle Sierra Blanca Undergoes Modernisation

In a bid to address persistent sewerage issues, Marbella’s Calle Sierra Blanca is currently undergoing a significant modernisation project. The initiative, which has a budget of 400,000 euros, is being implemented in collaboration with Hidralia, the local water management company.

Mayor Angeles Muñoz Announces Project Timeline

Marbella’s mayor, Angeles Muñoz, has announced that the modernisation works are expected to be completed within a record time of three months. The primary objective of the project is to ensure the smooth operation of services, particularly during the rainy season when flooding often occurs.

Modernisation to Match Adjacent Roads

Calle Sierra Blanca is set to receive the same modernisation treatment as its adjacent roads, including Calle Nuestra Señora de Gracia and Calle Virgen del Pilar. This is part of the city’s broader plan to upgrade its infrastructure and improve the quality of life for its residents.

Mayor Muñoz on Meeting Residents’ Requests

Mayor Muñoz has stated that the city will strive to meet all the requests of the residents, who have expressed their preference for the works to be carried out immediately rather than waiting until September. She emphasised the importance of continued investment in basic infrastructure renovations and the creation of a more pedestrian-friendly town.

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In other news, a dozen people were recently injured due to substandard surgery at a fake cosmetic clinic in Marbella. Meanwhile, local authorities have arrested six British contract killers following the shooting of a ‘Mr Flashy pal’ in the city. Despite these incidents, Marbella continues to be a popular destination, with some even arguing that it offers better quality of life and value than Sotogrande.

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