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Discover Why Marbella, Spain is Dominating the Andalucian Blue Flag Awards with a Stunning Display of Eleven Flags

December 31, 2023
Discover Why Marbella, Spain is Dominating the Andalucian Blue Flag Awards with a Stunning Display of Eleven Flags - blue flag - Environmental and Conservation Efforts -

Marbella Tops Andalucia with Most Blue Flags

Marbella has once again proven its commitment to maintaining high environmental standards, earning the most Blue Flags in Andalucia this year. The city proudly displays 11 flags this summer, an increase of two from the previous year. The Blue Flag is a globally recognized voluntary award given to beaches, marinas, and sustainable tourism boats that meet stringent environmental, educational, safety-related, and access-related criteria.

Marbella’s Beaches: A Symbol of Excellence

Marbella’s urban beaches are renowned for their impeccable cleanliness and this year, nine beaches in the municipality have been awarded the Blue Flag. This includes two new recipients, La Fontanilla and Nagüeles. The other seven flags have been hoisted once again at Adelfas-Alicate, Casablanca, El Cable, El Faro, Puerto Banús – Levante beach, Venus-Bajadilla beach, and the marina of Puerto Banús.

Exclusive Beach Clubs and Family-Friendly Spots

Several of Marbella’s Blue Flag beaches are home to exclusive beach clubs, including those at Casablanca and El Faro. Others, like the beaches of Guadalmina in San Pedro de Alcántara, are perfect for a family day out. The beach of Puerto Banus, located in the heart of luxury, is just a short distance from the world-renowned Oceans Club.

Recognition of Marbella’s Commitment to Public Spaces

Marbella’s mayor, Angeles Muñoz, has highlighted that the Blue Flag awards are a testament to the continuous efforts of the Marbella City Council throughout the year. They represent a firm commitment at the municipal level to the upkeep of these public spaces.

Marbella’s Recent Highlights

In other news, Marbella has been lighting up the night with its vibrant nightlife scene. Additionally, the city’s Puerto Banus has seen the relaunch of the celebrity hotspot restaurant, The Oak. These developments, along with the Blue Flag awards, continue to solidify Marbella’s status as a premier destination for tourists and locals alike.

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